Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tiffany Blue: I Just Can't Quit You!

A few days ago I came upon a sheets sale at Target. I was debating painting over the Tiffany Blue in my breakfast room. I couldn't do it. On top of that I decided to infuse the color into my bedroom. The curtains have greens, browns, white, and little Tiffany Blue birds. I picked up the sheets and went home. After throwing them into the washer I went up to my room, looked around, and decided "Let me just slap some white paint onto the walls over this green really quick." 15 minutes later, this was the situation.
I seriously have impulse control issues
I liked the green just fine, but it really limited what I could do with the room. It also just a lot of green. The "after" is pretty subtle, so here is the "during" so you can see what a change it is (I used a gallon of Glidden satin paint in basic white)!
Here is the after a few hours later! 
I'm loving the white floors, white woodwork, white bedding, and white walls! 
My kitchen makeover (yes, I've given it another makeover since you saw it last that I'll reveal soon) left me with exactly the right number of knobs from the cabinets that I was able to switch out my black ones for my silver ones on the dresser and nightstand:

The entire project took just a few short hours and allowed me to bring a lot more color to the room and left it super clean and simple! 

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