Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Re-Cover a Chair

I had mentioned in this post that I'd added Tiffany Blue to my room based on this fabric:
It didn't stop at the sheets. It's hard to tell from this picture but if you look at the bottom right of the chair  you can tell that the cat has destroyed it with his claws. There is pink foam inside of this chair. I know this because of how much he's scratched it. I wanted to update anyway because the chair is ivory and brown and the rest of the room doesn't have ivory in it at all. The cat scratch gave me a good excuse! 
I ordered the final 1.5 yards they had left at of Vicki Payne, For Your Home, Stripes in Aqua fabric and my momma and I (I promise I helped a little bit!) got to work re-covering the brown and ivory chair. To do the same you'll need thick home decorator fabric, or other fabric with black out fabric in addition. You'll also need scissors, staples, and a staple gun. A creative mom doesn't hurt either!
Fortunately the amount of fabric was just right for the chair. We laid it over it, lined up the stripes, and flipped:
After we got one side stapled, the corners needed to be snipped to curve around the legs of the chair:
Although it was home fabric (which is usually thicker) the vines were still visible through the fabric, so we also had blackout fabric underneath it. There was no sewing involved in this project. We just laid both layers of fabric on and stapled. Here's a shot of the cat scratch corner:
We cut the fabric where the seat and back meet in order to get it to lay smoothly. After the bottom was stapled we flipped the chair over and placed the fabric on the back of the chair:
We tucked and stapled that in place
And here it is! The project was $18 and took about an hour! It also doesn't look like a slip cover, which was the goal! 
It fits right in, and is easy to change when I decide to redo everything again! 

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