Wednesday, October 30, 2013

$18 Master Bedroom Makeover

After writing this post about wanting to redo some things in my house (mainly my bedroom) I couldn't stop thinking about it. This was my master bedroom:

 I got one $14 set of curtains (somehow forgetting I have TWO windows in my bedroom!!!) when I was picking up wedding stuff at Ikea. I'd seen posts like this about people adding some color to them and wanted to do the same. I'll write a post all about the project next, but for the sake of instant gratification here is what the "after" looked like when I decided to not return the set of curtains, but to instead use them to cover my chair… again:
 Then I decided to get rid of the green. As I'd stated in my big plan post I was going to paint this DARK grey and the walls elsewhere a very light grey. 
 I decided that was way too much work and the white was good. I had leftover light grey from the dining room stencil project and the bathroom so I figured I'd use that to cover the green. 

 By last night my room was in chaos and I was out only $14 and was seeing some big changes!
 I was able to exchange some duplicate items from my shower and get the other items I needed for "free!" I picked up these great dark grey flannel sheets
 They have this perfect textured look. Now the room is neutral enough that I can use my old dark green sheets, as well as the Tiffany Blue, and white ones and they'll all compliment the room nicely!
 I also took down these leaf pictures from a friend of mine that I love. I think she got them at Hobby Lobby. She has yellow at her house and I have green. I decided to make them yellow like hers. 
 I started by peeling off the leaves and picking up 3 sheets of $.69 textured scrapbook paper
 Then I used leftover yellow paint from my various projects to yellow these guys:
 Here is the after:
 And here is the complete reveal… Fit for a We instead of just a Me!
 The room is pretty much done by Target. Namely, their Threshold collection which is my favorite thing in this world. I registered and received the cable knit pillow and throw (they can be seen in my living room photos from last week) and the duvet cover. I also used my swap out to get the the lamp and lampshade. 

 Linus loves it and loves that he matches the sheets. We also got a memory foam topper for the mattress. Since I put it on Linus is OBSESSED with the bed. I lint roll it non stop now.

All of it was done for $18 dollars in 24 hours!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Post-Registry Organization

I had my wedding shower a few weeks ago. People were SO generous and I think they ended up staring at me opening presents for approximately an hour. Seriously. After it was over Chris and I loaded up both of our cars and left everything in the breakfast room:
I had to work ALL day the next day.

Finally the next day I was able to have the unpacking event of the decade:
Now I'm left with the living room of my dreams. Seriously, what am I going to do when teal and tiffany blue are no longer hot colors. I finally have almost my whole house coordinated!

 We even have a cute little coffee station area of the kitchen
 And grown up dishes. And cups. And silverware! 
 And pots and pans!

 Seriously... getting married is so awesome for so many reasons. Wedding showers are one of them!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Can't Do That Project

Getting married is putting a major damper on my projects! I'm itching to do so many things around the house but my days off are booked solid for the 5 (!!!!) weeks up to the wedding. I can't wait to get married for many reasons, one of the minor ones is to get back to a normal schedule so I can get crafty again. Want to see what I'm planning?

The Master Bedroom:
I got this duvet cover off of our registry.

I'm planning on painting the white walls... Again. This time the same color as the downstairs bathroom:

I'm planning on painting the green dormer the same color as my basement bathroom and my cabinets:

I'm planning on covering the chair... Again.
I'm looking at fabrics like these:

And, adding a pop of color like this to the bed:

I also want to add a shelf like this one in white over the dresser as a rotating photo display area:

Switching out the curtains for something more masculine:

I also would like to flip out the rickety table

 for a C-Table like this in white:
Or this:

I'd also like to replace this too small lamp 

with a combo like this:

The closets:
The front hall closet just isn't working for my shoes. Then add Chris's shoes and it's a hot mess. The pantry shelves are that cheap Rubbermaid stuff and I can tell I'll wake up one night to a loud crash as the shelves all cave in. I'd like to avoid this. We're planning on adding elfa to both of these spaces to make them more functional than now:

The kitchen:
Now that two toned cabinets are good and trendy everywhere it's time to move on. You know when something trickles to the midwest that it's been trendy for several months everywhere else first! Now I know white cabinets are the way to go if you watch appliance ads and photos from magazines. I'm ready to paint the kitchen cabinets a crisp white to replace this:

I'll also add a little white to the backsplash like I experimented here:

And I'd like to finally make this floor:

Whole again!

So, that's that. Starting in December expect to see some actual progress to these things!

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