Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Paint a Rug (and Another Doorknob and a Mailbox)

I've been a busy lady the last few days! Wanna see why?

I love my white rug in my living room. But as you can see, it struggles to stay white. It usually loses the battle:
My "white" rug after one of many scrubs...

After some playing on Pintrest and seeing many different painted rugs I decided to hop on the bandwagon. I loved the chevron pattern everyone was doing, but know I'm kind of a mess at being precise. I also was too lazy to make a stencil. Therefore, I decided that I needed to make my own simple pattern using tape. Here's how I did it:

I bought a low pile rug. Mine was the Erslev for $39.99 from Ikea. I liked it because it was the same size as my current rug (4'7"x 6'7") and if I screwed it up both sides were identical so i could just flip it over! I also liked the color. I decided I wanted the same colors as my striped wall:
I color matched the darker of the two tans from the gallon I had left over in my basement. I only had about an inch left of paint and was sure that wouldn't be enough. I got the cheapest stuff Home Depot had (the paint guy told me it was total junk... very reassuring!) in eggshell finish. It's just plain old latex paint though. Nothing special. 

I know my tendency to be totally messy. I brought in a tarp I have out in my shed and laid it out in the basement. My other supplies were:
A paintbrush I already had laying around that I had washed after a previous project
Frog Tape (sticks way better than blue painter's tape)
The rug
The paint
The tarp
Newspaper (I'm a really messy person!)
A box fan

Supplies? Check.
I had no sooner laid the rug out that I had the rug's biggest fan test it out...
After we both rolled around on it for a little bit I headed upstairs to come up with a solid plan and take the dog for a walk... It was a beautiful day and I didn't want to spend daylight in the basement. 
I did a basic sketch with some high tech shading to plan out what I would tape and what I would paint. 
When evening came I taped the rug up and set to work
The paint was pretty boring looking in the can. Once I put it on the rug it looked even more so. I was afraid that there wasn't going to be any difference between the two, but I kept on trucking... (Oh and the newspaper was just to keep me from painting the entire tarp when I was painting the edges)
Here she is after one coat. You can already see spots that needed to be touched up. I went pretty lightly around the taped areas to seal the tape and heavier once I got further away from it. 
This is how much was used after the first coat that pretty much covered the entire rug. For most patterns I'd say a quart would be enough... Unless you cover the entire rug like I did.
My basement is not super clean because of the bathroom renovation I've got going on (more about that another day though)
And I had someone sneak down as I was cleaning up and take a little walk on the rug. Fortunately, no harm done to him or the rug! I let the rug dry for 24 hrs. with the box fan on it before I went back for a second coat.
I did a second coat that went pretty quickly. I put the fan on it for about 5 more hours and the couldn't wait anymore before I peeked under the tape! It came out SO great! Another piece of good news is that the tarp would be unnecessary for any normal human being because the paint didn't bleed through at all! I'm a slob though. For me it was necessary! But, back to the rug. The detail that made the rug was...


It had a pretty crunchy texture after two coats. I let the second coat dry about 24 more hours. I then used some 220 grit sand paper and my palm sander and gave the whole thing a pretty good sand. It evened out the color differences where I had gone heavier and lighter with the paint and it softened the rug up big time

Are you ready for the after?
Lovely huh? I love the perfect match to the wall stripes too! And the shape that contrasts the coffee table. But... Here's the problem. It turns out my couch absolutely clashes with the wall color. Didn't realize it until I put the wall color on the floor I guess! Check it out
So now I have no idea what to do, so I'm living with it. It'll look perfect when I get my new sectional in here... But since both pets have been to the vet for unscheduled reasons costing me $300 in the past week, no sectional anytime soon. Grrrr.

Here it is in a different light though. Can't tell if I'm getting used to it, or if it's not that bad:

While I was doing this today I of course was doing another project at the same time. It was time to spruce up something little that I felt like was bringing down the house's curb appeal:
This bronzed beauty/doorknob. The door was also looking pretty beat up and needed to be touched up. (This is from the real estate pictures... The lockbox doesn't currently live on my door!)
I wasn't sure how to paint the deadbolt without taking it off of the house and leaving my house unlocked. I got out the Rustoleum and a brush and did a primer coat. Once it was dry I went to town with newspapers, tape and hammered metal spray paint. 
ADD struck while I was spraying. I thought "this mailbox looks a little sad. Let's hammered metal this too!" So I newspapered to death:
 And sprayed like crazy!

Such a big difference that a few minutes makes, right? I also painted the front door with the leftover paint I found from the previous owners in the basement. Thanks old owners! The place looks fresh!

The off-white doorbell is an eyesore to me... Don't be shocked if I do a "how to makeover your doorbell post soon!

So there you have it... Another how to paint a doorknob (this time while it's partially still on the door!) and how to paint a rug!

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