Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick Tutorial: How to Shorten Window Blinds

Recently I shortened my blinds. I thought you'd want to know how (and that it's easy and klutz proof)!

Here are my blinds before:

 Start by using your nails, a flat head screwdriver, butter knife, or whatever to pry the plugs out of the bottom of the blinds:

 You'll see a knot at the end. Undo it and put the plugs aside:
 After it's unknotted pull the cord through the base of the blind. Pull it through each slat until you reach the slat you want to make the new bottom of your blinds. 
 You can now slide the base out:
 Repeat this step with each slat until your blinds are their desired height:
 This is what mine looked like after. I had a lot to get rid of:
 Re-insert the base directly under the bottom slat:

Thread the cord back through the base and pull it out the bottom: 
 (This is not how I actually hold a scissor! Demonstrations are hard to do and photograph at the same time!) Leave the length of one extra slat on the bottom of each. Cut off the excess:

Add your plug to the bottom of the cord and re-knot it (don't worry about the length):

Tie your strings together:
Tuck them back into the hole:

Re-Insert your plug (side note: look at how old and wrinkly my hands look. Yikes!)
Pull your blind's cord. This will eliminate the slack at the bottom. Then reinsert the plug attached to the cord:
 That's it! It takes about 5 min. per blind once you know what you're doing!

 Here's the other set just in case it's easier to see with this lighting:


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