Friday, August 23, 2013

Wedding Wedding Wedding

That's what I've been up to. I've painted some things around the house (more to come on those things in other posts) but mainly I've been focused on being a wife. We've been through pre-marital counseling and are in the final stages of planning! 

I have a maid of honor and a matron of honor. No bridesmaids. They are my sister's in law (my brother's wife and Chris's sister). I sent them these cute necklaces from here to ask them to play this huge role in our big day: 

My mom made me this cute hanger. Isn't she way craftier than me? 
Chris has been in full bonding mode with the pets. Zulu has loved him nearly from day one.

Linus on the other hand... Linus hates Chris with a passion. In fact, anywhere that Chris has been Linus must pee. Linus has a history of being terrible and territorial but this took it to a new level. My past post mentioned all of the herbal things I've tried for his scratching and peeing. I finally got him declawed later in life, and now he is medicated. 
I put Linus on Prozac. As seen above, he peed. We have figured out every other day is enough to keep him behaved but not zombified. We learned this after trying every 3 days and getting the above result. So I have to put him in a towel burrito and drug him every other day. 
And Walgreens called me after I picked it up to see how my depression therapy was working. I had to explain it was for my cat. Today when I got his refill I saw this note. Now, Linus is adjusting to the idea of marriage too with a little help from his Prozac. 
I saw this post on Pinterest and laughed at how silly people were to put invisible ink on their invitation RSVPs. Then I got this mysterious thing back:
No I can't advocate enough for invisible ink. I still don't know who isn't showing to the wedding!
I also have a little RSVP count going on the inside of my cabinet door of who is (and isn't) coming and keeping the RSVPs on the fridge (so many people are sending sweet notes on them!) so they're always staring at me!

We got Chris's suit for the wedding and our wedding rings:

The basement has done some adapting. 
I got a treadmill. I also am preparing for baby. 

Allow me to explain. We want kids. Not this second, but we want them. My grandma recently moved and I had the chance to buy a dresser from her and also inherited a cool ship and a globe that reside in my unfinished part of my basement:
 When we do have a kid my office would be the nursery. The dresser, globe, and ship would go upstairs. That would mean the desk and officey things would need a home. So my plan of a barish thing and high top table for the stools needed some adapting. For the next couple of years it would appear that furniture shifting will be in our future. 

We continue to be tourists in our own city. Recently Chris and I went to the Art Institute and the Bean:

 My army brother also came into town and FINALLY met Chris and me and all of the boys went to the Taste of Chicago where my brother bummed sunscreen off of a random woman

 And finally, while helping my grandma pack she got my wedding invitation.

Life is good, and I'm sorry I've been missing for so long! Less than 100 days until I'm a wife. Then I can stop with all of this wedding wedding wedding stuff! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Finally Got This Piano Thing Right!

Maybe you remember this post where I thought painting my doors black was going to give my house some cool depth, and it actually made it stupid and cave-like (and like a piano).

So I went back to classic silver and white and all was right with the world again. But, as usual, I got bored. Oil rubbed bronze called my name down a Home Depot aisle and just like that I realized how to give my house some depth without dark, black, doors. The time had come to unhang all the doors again (see the last makeover here) and give the hardware a makeover. 

This time I wised up and did one floor of my house at a time. I remember the sheer amount of screws and knobs from last time. I started on my second floor. 

This was just from three doors (two have knobs). I discovered paper plates and solo cups this time... I highly recommend using both if you don't have cardboard or styrofoam laying around.
After everything dried for 24 hours I put the knobs back on and let it cure for another two days before I started using everything and rehung the doors again. 
This is an after shot. It's adds a little drama to the doors with the darker hardware! 
Then Chris and I unhung all of the main floor doors one Saturday and I got to work painting
Later that afternoon we brought them all back in to cure in the breakfast room for a week. I like this shot so that you can see how they're not quite black:

A week later I went and added piles of each item needed in front of the unhung doors
Here is the after shot! 

I think Guliana Ranic (or her interior designer) and I have the same taste. I see a lot of similarities in their house and mine in colors and style 
(see the sectional, the knobs, and the stairs?)
 (see the knobs?)

I finally nailed the black and white balance without getting to piano level! I love it! Look for a post in the next six months with how they're holding up!

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