Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How To: Stripes

I'm sure you've noticed in several of my past posts that I really like paint. I also like colors that shouldn't go together. Like grey and tan. Or black and brown. This creates a dilemma of how to make it all match.

I am feeling grey. Not my mood... The color! I wanted all kinds of shades of grey on my walls. But, I own a tan sofa and a dark brown leather chair in my living room. So grey wasn't really going to make sense in there. But, I figured I could probably swing it in my kitchen and dining room. There is a common wall between the dining room and the living room, as well as a hallway that connects the two. I needed to come up with a way to indulge my love of grey, my pre-existing tan furniture, and make everything feel cohesive. Stripes were the solution!

Let's start with the before pictures of the living and dining room and stairway:
Living Room & Stairway
Living Room
Dining Room & Common Wall
Dining Room
Common Wall on the left- In the Dining Room

I had a big, dirty, blank, beige canvas to work with. Every wall and piece of woodwork needed to be painted! Here is what I came up with:
Dining Room- Common wall on the left in light beige. Dining wall in grey. 
Living Room- Walls with a darker beige than the common wall.

Now to make it all work together:
I (whenever I say "I" it usually means "we." I usually have help!) painted dark grey on 3 of the 4 dining room walls (all but the common wall). After it was dry I taped off 12" stripes and painted the common wall color inside of the tape. It took about 3 coats to cover the grey. 

The living room was the same story, but much more challenging because these stripes would be going up the stairs. I painted the entire thing the darker beige (living room) color. Then the taping and leveling began. 
Then "I" set up the ladder and scaffolding so "I" could tape off the stripes that were too high to reach. 
I ended up painting the ceiling the same color... My accuracy without tape is not the greatest!

After taking the tape off a few touch ups were needed here and there. I am an impatient person and I noticed that yanking the tape off before the walls were dry seemed to mess up the stripes! So, leave it on there until it's dry! 

Now for the after shots! 

I love that the stripes tie in both colors on the wall! 

I love the view up the stairs the most! Painting the railing, changing out the gold hardware to silver, and repainting the closet doors really lightened things up! 
I also love that the common wall color joins the stripes together, and how nicely the grey and beige checkerboard at the corner.

So there you have it... Stripes are how I pulled off my grey/tan love! 
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