Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Free Project That Made Me Feel Manly

Anytime I get to swing a hammer I feel manly... In a good way! When I swing a hammer I feel like I could build my own house from scratch! 

Today I made this:
From this:
Make no sense? Remember this:
I bought a lot of extra wood when I redid my stairs. It went to live behind my furnace and water heater:
Ok, I lied about the free part. I decided to use the wood and buy hooks from Home Depot:
I used both of these to make a project like this one I saw on Pinterest:
I was working with this shelf on the stairway to my basement:
And this further down:
I didn't love the shelf because it stuck out and made the narrow stairway more narrow:
I pulled out the wood from the abyss in the basement and measured it out and had a little more than enough to do what I wanted to do.

I'm not allowed to own a power saw. Most people that have seen me walk or operate machinery would agree that I'd probably lose a finger! Fortunately, it doesn't run in the family! My baby brother came over with his:
After a few cuts I had this:
Yes, it's less than attractive. Yes there are gaps. This was also the case with the stairs though. Nothing a little caulk couldn't fix! 
First I covered used wood glue. Then nails and my hammer (!!!!)
It still didn't look too pretty after everything was nailed and glued. Then I used my friend caulk. I  filled in all of the lines, seams, and nail holes and let it dry. Then I sanded it smooth and gave everything a coat of trim paint. 
Then I repeated the process where my shelf had been:

Check out how the stairs look:

After the paint had dried I installed the hooks I bought:

The whole thing took just a few hours and made me feel manly! It was also (kinda) free!

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