Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I do my best praying in the shower and the car. Consequently both are places I don't use my phone or iPad and don't watch TV. Hmmm.

Tonight's prayers were said in the shower. 
I was thanking God for the people in my life and all of the mercy shown to me. God shows me insane amounts of mercy daily and I have no idea why he loves a sinner like me and I'm SO grateful.  Wow have I been shown mercy and the fact that I'm alive says it all. This girl has made it through the M's. Mono, Malaria, and MRSA and in the last two weeks the non-M's of food poisoning and Strep throat and I'm still ticking. I just wanted to recognize the people that help me stay ticking.

-Tonight I was praying for the nameless cab driver in Celebration Florida. 1 year ago I was staying in the Bohemian Hotel there for work when I became really sick (with what I later found out was MRSA). I ended up giving in and realizing something was taking over my body and I should listen to my fever and get help. I called down to the front desk for a cab to take me to the emergency room. The hotel sent me in a Town Car driven by a hotel employee whose name I unfortunately do not remember. This guy was so merciful. He was so worried about me on the drive over. He gave me his cell phone number and told me that even if the hotel's car service was done for the night to call and he'd be sure to pick me up after I was done at the hospital. I went to the emergency room scared and alone. When I was finally done I called him. He came back and picked me up and drove me to CVS and waited an hour while my many prescriptions were filled and I limped around buying bandages, hand sanitizer, and ice packs. He told me he'd been studying for his paramedic exam while he waited for my call and that nobody supported him in going to school for something that didn't pay well like that. I often wonder how the exam went and hope that he hung in there. When we got back to the hotel he refused to let me pay him for any of his services that night (or the next day when he drove me to the airport when I went home sick). He was one of the most merciful people I've ever met and I thank God for him. 
-I had a nurse in the emergency room that night who held my hand and listened to me sob while they cut open and drained several spots on my body. She tried to distract me and started talking to me. Somehow it came out that my doctor was from Africa and knew the orphanage that I'd stayed at there and she was from Colombia and was asking all about my Colombian best friend. I appreciate her mercy and letting me scream and taking the time to know me still!
-I came home to my parents house from that trip. My mom had to give me sponge baths. My dad had to practically carry me in to the doctors office because I had so many sores I couldn't walk. I kept them awake with my crying and moaning until the doctor's finally found the right combination of pain medications. My parents are SO merciful. 
-2 weeks ago I was on vacation from work and went out to eat with my boyfriend. I got food poisoning. Within hours I was throwing up. He insisted on being there for me holding back my hair, offered to brush my teeth for me, put me to bed (with a bucket, no less), and slept downstairs to make sure I was ok through the night. When he heard me get up and get sick again he was there for me. The fact that I found a man as merciful as my father, that nurse, and that cab driver is amazing to me. 

These acts of mercy make me self reflect on the mercy and kindness I've shown to others. I doubt anyone across the country is thinking back on something I've done for them and thanking God for me tonight. It makes me think about who I want to be and I thought I'd put this ramble down in print. 

I also want you to know that no act of kindness goes unnoticed. Someone across the country could be thanking God for you tonight, so keep doing what you're doing. You never now who could really appreciate it! 

(PS. Sorry again for the loooong delay in posting!)
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