Saturday, August 4, 2012

You'll Either Love It or Hate It

Everyone's well aquatinted with my kitchen. I've added appliances, paint, hardware, and a backsplash but left the oak cabinets alone.
 They're very country which is not my style. After going through new pretty model homes last week I decided that it was time for a change and came home inspired. So inspired that I bought 2 gallons and a quart of paint for various places in my house. 
 1 gallon and the quart were for the kitchen. 
 While it was nice I wanted something a little more my style. 
 So rather than this
 I felt inspired buy these that I found on Pinterest:

Painting the cabinets would let me cover up not only the oaky color, but blemishes like this one...
 So I set to work. 2 1/2 rolls of painters tape later I felt sufficiently prepared!
 I know I'm a crazy taper, but I am also a crazy messy person and like to minimize my attention to detail and clean up by just spending the time to tape in the beginning!
 Prep took almost as much time as painting. After everything was taped I went to work taking hardware off. I kept it inside of each drawer
 And I unscrewed the screws most of the way and left them in. I like shortcuts, and not finding screws and handles is definitely a great one! I was also so glad I'd taken the time to organize my drawers and cabinets last month. This made getting a screw driver in so much easier!
 For the sake of time, and nobody seeing it, I decided to leave the inside of the cabinets and drawers oak so that required taping too. 
 After taping I draped the counters in plastic and taped that down in a couple of places. I'm lazy. Taking things like the mixer off of the counter and living with it in a strange place for a few days just wasn't worth it to me. I also know how much dust gets thrown around sanding and wanted one less thing to clean. 
 This is what oak cabinets look like sanded. You only need to sand to get the gloss off of them. After sanding wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them dry. 
 I could've done the cabinets with a quart of paint easily. But, semi gloss white paint is always useful to me. I bought the gallon for use on trim and stuff after this project. 
 Here is the white after the first coat. I left the doors open over night even though they felt pretty dry after an hour. All of my painting endeavors have taught me to take my sweet time in between and do it right! 
 And here is everything with a coat of paint on it. Living with this for a day was a little much. I can't even sleep with my closet door open! 
 The next day I repeated the process. The grey took 2 coats and only a quart of paint (it's the same dark granite paint as I used in my bathroom) and the white took 3. 

Then I finally got to the gratifying part of putting hardware back on and taking off miles of tape! This is what it looks like with a cabinet door open.
 And this is the after:

 So, what do you think?

I don't like it. 

Something about it I love and something I hate. I think the grey looks a little off with the counters. I think the white looks a little too stark against the tile. I think the grey looks horrible against the tiffany blue of the breakfast room. I feel like the pantry cabinet was a mistaken purchase. I feel like the kitchen is modern and then the breakfast room isn't. 

I just don't like it. 

  So I've decided to live with it for a week and see what I decide to change. 
 Meanwhile Linus is testing things out...

Here are my thoughts:
  • Tone down how bright white the top cabinets (+ They blend with the backsplash better - Everything else is bright white and I think that'll look strange)
  • Change the grey I used on the bottom cabinet (It will compliment the counter better -I like that it's the same color as the bathroom vanity)
  • Paint the pantry cabinet white (+It won't compete with the breakfast room wall color as much -It'll create this strange line on the base cabinets of grey and then white)
  • Paint the base cabinets the same white as the top (+It'll lighten things up a bit -My kitchen will be just like everyone else's)
  • Paint the breakfast room a different color (+Carry the kitchen grey in there will make it peaceful and cohesive and won't force me to change out the curtains or fabric cabinet front -I've had that blue in my past few houses and it makes me really happy!)
  • Paint the top cabinets grey too. Paint the walls in the kitchen white for a nice contrast and paint the kitchen grey over the tiffany blue in the breakfast room
So... That's what I'm thinking. I'm going to try to live with it for a week and see what I think. PLEASE feel free to comment and give me some feedback! I need it!


  1. I think it's the blue that's throwing you off. The backsplash and floor tile both look like they have gray in them, so I think if you got rid of the blue and went with something in the grey family you might be happier with your result. did a nice job on the cabinets and I give you a huge pat on the back for all of your hard work!

  2. Barbara,
    Thanks for your comments! I agree! I definitely think the blue is a little funky with it! I did a little more cabinet painting after this post in this one: and am currently planning on going all white with the cabinets by fall. I like to change things around a lot!

  3. When you painted the oak cabinets can you see the oak grain showing thru? Also how did you apply the paint; brush, spray?

    1. Hi Deb! I brushed them but I have seen others sprayed. There is a bit of the oak grain that shows through, but multiple coats of paint filled most of it in nicely!


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