Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting My Stitch Fix

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? I hadn't, until I read a review and saw it in action on a blog written by someone I went to college with. It looked so cool, and I am the worst girl. I hate shopping for clothes. I love to shop with very few people. One is my friend A (the Texas friend). I go broke when I see her, which is the one good thing about her moving so far far away from me! She used to style me and be my fashion inspiration. 
I was in her wedding last summer. This was the AMAZING cake that her maid of honor made for the rehearsal dinner. 
 This is me... The blonde surrounded by shopping bags.
But, since she moved far far away my love for shopping has become non-existent. I was SO happy to hear about Stitch Fix and know that I could have someone that knew exactly what I liked, my size, and could put me a little out of my comfort zone and make me try on things I wouldn't have normally picked up. 

Here's how it works:
-First you sign up for their waiting list. I did while I was in Texas. My friend A was furious, because apparently she had the same business idea and didn't realize it already existed... But anyway.
-You receive an email that you are a member (mine came a month later I think?). You log on to their site and define your style, size, etc. 
-You place your order
-You try things on in front of your mirror and do a little fashion show
-You keep what you love and are then billed for it and you send back (in a prepaid envelope they include) what you hate. 
-If you refer someone you get a $25 credit after they've gotten their first order. 

Are we all clear? Ok, so let's see how I did (with a little poorly lit fashion show):

My order was placed on Monday and this came on Wednesday... Exciting :)
 Linus was as excited as I was to see what was inside!

 I took out this so/so cardigan to start with. Blah. It was too big and the color was just not for me. It went back.

 The good thing is that each item comes with a picture of how to wear it! I need that in place of my friend A!
Cute huh? 

I kept this one. I love how fluttery it is and the color! 
Then I took out this.  In my last job I worked with this girl that wore sweater dresses every day. HORRIBLE fitting sweater dresses. Therefore, I will forever be anti-sweater dress. 
 As shown by the look on my face. No. Way. It was not good news on my body. I am still proud of myself for trying it on though! 
 Meanwhile, Linus was celebrating the arrival of new clothes in my wardrobe!
 My next piece was a colorful racerback tank. 
 I loved the color right away! It's just ok though. It is $50, and I don't think I love it $50 worth.
Even so, I tried out the tag suggestion and I liked it!  
 And, I got this green scarf.

The tunic dress, the cardigan, and the I'm-not-sure-about-it blue shirt went back.  
Overall, it was super exciting to get the box, and gave me a better idea of how to fill out my stitch fix profile to get more stuff that I love! I can't wait to get my next fix! :)

If you want to sign up just click here and feel free to mention my blog so that I can continue to dress in things other than sweat pants :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kitchen Before, During, & After

I'm calling the kitchen done... For now. I'm happy with it in person, still not thrilled with how it photographs. I also still don't love the Tiffany Blue with the tall grey cabinet. I think when the two toned trend goes away I'll be taking the light color down to the bottom cabinets. But... with that ramble aside, here it is!
I toned down the white and replaced the hardware. The hardware replacement was a big pain because every single hole had to be filled, patched, and painted over and new holes had to be drilled. I painted the cabinets the same color as my living room with Behr's Wheat Bread. 

Overall I think it's nice and modern, and finally makes the backsplash make sense again. The white clashed with the backsplash that had 0 white in it. 
I do still feel like a sinner when I look at the oak cabinets in past pictures though. They really were pretty good looking weren't they? 

Too bad now though. This is reality and there's no going back! What do you think? 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Re-Cover a Chair

I had mentioned in this post that I'd added Tiffany Blue to my room based on this fabric:
It didn't stop at the sheets. It's hard to tell from this picture but if you look at the bottom right of the chair  you can tell that the cat has destroyed it with his claws. There is pink foam inside of this chair. I know this because of how much he's scratched it. I wanted to update anyway because the chair is ivory and brown and the rest of the room doesn't have ivory in it at all. The cat scratch gave me a good excuse! 
I ordered the final 1.5 yards they had left at of Vicki Payne, For Your Home, Stripes in Aqua fabric and my momma and I (I promise I helped a little bit!) got to work re-covering the brown and ivory chair. To do the same you'll need thick home decorator fabric, or other fabric with black out fabric in addition. You'll also need scissors, staples, and a staple gun. A creative mom doesn't hurt either!
Fortunately the amount of fabric was just right for the chair. We laid it over it, lined up the stripes, and flipped:
After we got one side stapled, the corners needed to be snipped to curve around the legs of the chair:
Although it was home fabric (which is usually thicker) the vines were still visible through the fabric, so we also had blackout fabric underneath it. There was no sewing involved in this project. We just laid both layers of fabric on and stapled. Here's a shot of the cat scratch corner:
We cut the fabric where the seat and back meet in order to get it to lay smoothly. After the bottom was stapled we flipped the chair over and placed the fabric on the back of the chair:
We tucked and stapled that in place
And here it is! The project was $18 and took about an hour! It also doesn't look like a slip cover, which was the goal! 
It fits right in, and is easy to change when I decide to redo everything again! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hardware Happiness

My kitchen cabinet makeover left me very perplexed. I didn't know what was wrong with it. Was it the color? Was it the hardware? Was it the walls? After talking about it at work it was finally suggested that I upgrade my cabinet hardware. I bought it two years ago, and really do like it! But I decided to entertain the idea. Once I started thinking about it I found these two that I thought would do a cool job of tying in my stainless appliances, modernizing, and working with my barn wood dining table:
It was absolutely impossible to find prices for them. I finally googled to the point that I figured out that the top one is $23. TWENTY THREE DOLLARS A HANDLE!!! I'm cheap. 31 handles at $23 each was not going to happen. It was time to rework my plan. 

I went to Home Depot and picked up 2 potentials. I taped them on to the cabinet fronts to get an idea what they'd look hung at the right hight. 
I got this one because it seemed barn woodish:
I knew that going with something tall that wasn't a knob was the way to go right away...
But, I have no black doorknobs or pulls in the house and this was a little random.
So then I taped up this one
We were in love right away...
It was perfectly big and modern

Of course the rejected one was the cheaper one. I still didn't want to spend $300 on hardware, even though it was much better than the $720 I would've spent on the wood and metal pulls. So I began mass research.
Fortunately I didn't have to look further than this listing on Amazon. It's hard to see, but they were $2.90. TWO DOLLARS! I tossed 31 of those babies in my cart and for less than $100, including shipping, I had them 2 days later! They are super heavy and amazing quality!
To hang them I grabbed a regular letter sized envelope, lined it up on the corner of the cabinet door, and used a pencil to trace the holes
Then I taped it in place
And drilled!
Here it is with wood filler in the holes before painting the cabinet (again!!)
Here is the envelope technique on the drawers. 
There's a preview of the ongoing kitchen makeover, an easy way to install cabinet hardware, and a link to some great cheap hardware! Stay tuned for the full makeover!
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