Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hot Tip: Buy This

I just told you about my favorite cleaning products. Well I have another good one to tell you about that you have to smell (it's lime and sea salt)! I tried it on my greasy countertop too and I'm happy to say it worked like a charm! 

It's actually part of a whole limited edition line that I found at Target. I grabbed the dish soap to try too! Enjoy :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Little but Big

Let's see if you can spot the little but big change:

I have been lusting after this fabric for a year now. I finally ordered a yard of it. 
Look at how perfect it goes with the curtains. As you know from this post I don't even know what color most of my pillows started out as because I'm continually re-covering them!
Proof that something as little as a can of paint or a yard of fabric can make a big difference! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blocking the View

*Edited to change the title!
My neighbors have seen me naked. Probably. Remember my peach blinds?

As soon as I took possession of the house we ripped down the blinds. 

I love the french doors
This fall I was walking Zulu about 3 blocks away and I realized I could see into my kitchen from that far away! Let's be real. I live alone. If I'm not fully clothed and I want a glass of water, I'll roam into the kitchen and get it! I never thought that anyone would see me! 

Last week I finally got fed up with the cat's treatment of my living room blinds when I realized you could also see into those when it was dark out and the lights were on:

I bought faux wood blinds and installed them:
I adore them!

Today I bought three more and installed them into the breakfast room.

 Look at how dark!
So, if any of my neighbors are reading this rest assured... No more naked EJ! Also a note: I love the blinds that I picked up at Home Depot but if you do the same check the box before you leave! I had to make several return trips because the wrong sizes were in the box or there were missing pieces... GRRRRRRRR!

Friday, February 24, 2012


This blog began as a kind of therapy. I was miserable at the Top Secret Retailer. I was in a big relationship slump with a boyfriend that had vanished off the face of the earth and a wrapped birthday gift for him sitting in my coat closet. I was sad and just needed to get some things out. I was literally crying over my pie at Baker's Square with my parents one night complaining about all of this. I then switched to telling a work story and my dad suggested I write a book, or start a blog, or something because I told stories differently than most. I took their advice.

This blog was born.

At first it was all over the place about the things that made me happy, the things that made me sad, and the things that made me me. Writing made me happy! Since then this blog has evolved. It's still all of those things. But, it's shown me a passion I was never able to put my finger on. I also started working at an art school with a great Interior Design program. One day I was talking to the head of the department. She said "there's girls that don't know if they want to design fashion or design interiors. I always ask them 'What did you do when you played with your Barbies? Did you spend your time dressing them and doing their hair or did you spend your time setting up the Barbie house?'" It was like a light went off over my head. I went to school for fashion, but when I thought about opening my own store I pictured its interior. I went to school for the wrong thing! I have always wanted to be unique. I grew up forced to associate with someone who imitated what I wore, how I did my hair, and what I wanted to do with my life. I intentionally went a different direction with my future as a blatant statement that I wanted to be unique... Not my smartest move! Anyway- Blogging about interiors, working in a creative environment, self evaluation, and encouragement from my friends has led me to this place of evolution.

I'm starting my own business!

While I'd love to not be dependent on just me and my income, I am. It will not be my full time job. I don't have the resources to do that... Yet. But I will be doing what I love. Someday I'm determined to have the resources to do that 24/7 (husband or not)! 

Allow me to introduce you to EJ Bee Designs:

It started as this (just a sketch on some notebook paper):
 My test webpage looked like this:
Finally, the real webpage was born (you can click on the bee to get there)! 

I want to say a big thank you to my loyal readers that helped me uncover this hidden talent, and a big thank you to my friends and family who have literally spent hours helping me take this concept from just that, to reality! If you, or someone that you know lives in the Chicago area needs some design/organization work done please think of EJ Bee Design. 

Let's Play Pretend

Today I was procrastinating on doing something scary (yes it involves you and I'll stop procrastinating soon!). Whenever I procrastinate, or otherwise want to ignore emotions or tasks, I do a project or cook something! Remember when I took my shadow pictures out of frames and put them on canvas? I still have all of the floating frames. I stuck them in the basement and told myself someday I would put something on those empty walls down there. 

Today is someday! I don't know what I want in the frames though, but figured I'd find the best layout. I hate when you have 6 pictures that are all vertical or horizontal. You need to have variety. So I figured I'd place my frames the best direction and then look for prints that fit that direction. 

I did everything with Command Picture Hanging Strips because I'm over nail holes (and I suck at details and figured I wouldn't hang them level the first time around and strips are easier to fix)! I laid out the frames to see what looked best and then transferred that layout to the wall
Now just pretend there's tons of bright and happy artwork in the frames! 

(It seems like my brother is never moving out of my parents' house. Therefore, my old dining room chairs are still hanging out down here.)

Now I just have to pick the artwork! Stay tuned for updates!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update on Men and Their Messy Offices

I know I showed you my friend C's messy office and how organized it now is. I had mentioned that we still wanted to change the paint color.

Yesterday we did! When asked if I needed to bring painter's tape I was told "Darling this isn't my first rodeo" and was assured of his steady hand. We know my addiction to painter's tape! The steady hand and lack of tape thing didn't quite work out. We had to recruit another of his friends to do some of the detail work. 

Ready to see some pictures?
Here is a reminder of the before before:

Here is the room when we last left it:

I really tried to think outside of my typical box when I picked colors for the room. He'd told me he wanted an accent wall and he has accents of oranges, reds, and browns in his house. I let that inspire me and grabbed these guys with the plans of the bright color on the accent wall and a pretty/manly grey everywhere else (it's hard to tell but the futon cover is dark grey):
After I showed him the colors he used his veto power on the grey and said that was my thing, not his. He did like the red though for the accent wall. Then I remembered a stripe of red paint on his fireplace and we ran to his garage to see if there was 5 year old leftover paint from that project. Lucky for us there was a full gallon of the exact paint shade I'd grabbed. We had Home Depot shake it up for us and open it up to tell us how bad it looked after 5 years. Somehow it still was in great shape! We also compromised on a grayish tan for the remaining walls... Funny enough it's the same shade as my living room:
We took the "polar bear paint" (as he called it) home and got to work!

Progress Shots:

 She decided to wait out the project downstairs this time

 (Here you can really see how different the paint color is vs. what was there before)

 This is after his friend helped us out:
And here is a picture dump (Please forgive the grainy iPhone shots. My phone hates the room's lighting!) of the new and improved room after I did my very best to quickie cut in on all of the unfinished painting (and apparently after the painting over the futon fell down and I didn't notice)!

Before I call this post complete just one more before and after shot because I adore them:
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