Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ikea Hack: Pretty High Chair Insert

Before Lila was born I insisted we buy her Antilop High Chair from Ikea. It had been briefly discontinued so when I saw that it was back I jumped on it! You can't beat a high chair for $19.99. I decided the insert wasn't necessary. Well now that I have an almost mobile baby that is dying to sit up, etc. the insert seemed like the perfect thing to pick up to give Lila a different view of the kitchen.
The problem was that red and blue stripes didn't really go with my kitchen. So I decided to get it and use it as a template to go over the inflatable pillow that was also included
So here is what I was working with:

So I laid out my fabric folded in half and traced the big part first:
I used fabric chalk that rubs off. Then I started chopping:
I cut the fabric about a half inch larger than the cover as a seam allowance:
After cutting out all of my pieces and grabbed my pins:        
I also lined up my velcro. This seemed easier for me than a zipper, like Ikea's. 
I also pulled out my bias tape. It's hard to see, but there are two little white loops hanging from the cushion. These are to thread the seatbelt through. I used bias tape for my loops:

After everything was pinned I went to town:

Here it is once I flipped it right side out:
Here it is in action with the insert inflated:

I think she likes it!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

DIY Fabric Baby Gate

I'm actually writing a post about sewing. I'm amazed. My poor college sewing teacher Mrs. Brooks would be too! I've moved past curtains and pillows and made a baby gate- thus ending the stairs safety crusade. 
This idea was born when I saw retractable mesh baby gates and didn't like the price. I went to Pinterest and started shopping around and saw this post and this post about making fabric baby gates. I mainly used the photos and the idea of using bias tape and command cord bundlers from the posts. 

After I got some ideas for what I needed, I measured my space and hit the fabric store. I found home decor fabric for 50% off and was able to score 2 yards for for $12.99. 
First I measured out the space and cut two squares of the same size to fill the gap. Then I pulled out my bias tape and eyeballed the length needed to make a loop to hook into my cord bundler. 
I formed my loop and pinned it in place:
When the fabric is opened up this is what it should look like. 
I also cut out 6 much bigger strips that would be my velcro section to attach to the post. I sewed on velcro to each of the 6 strips:
Midway through my little lady woke up and was complaining that she wasn't asleep. I love wearing her! She passed right out and we continued:
So then I laid my two velcro straps on top of each other (like they're spooning) and pinned them between my fabric. I folded my fabric in half so I could pin the loops and the velcro in the same place on both sides:
Here's my velcro in action because I like pictures:
Then I zigzagged the edges to death to be sure my loops and straps were in there good:
I sewed 3.75 sides of the gate and flipped it right side out like you would if you made a pillow cover:
I gave each loop a really good tug to be sure that when Lila is pulling them they won't give. Never ever put this at the top of the stairs, no matter how strong your sewing job is! 

Then I attached my cord bundlers (they come in a two pack, so  I need a third before Lila starts crawling!) and used them to hold the loops:
I LOVE that this is temporary! It can be put away whenever I don't want someone to see it and it's super fast to re-attach:
Now I know I seem like I'm going overboard with safety but this is in place for her naps. Oscar is still fresh from being rescued and majorly attached to me. Whenever I would carry her up asleep for her nap or to bed, he would loudly tromp up after me and require many loud whispered "Oscar!"s before he would then clomp back down the stairs. All of this clomping and tromping would wake Lila up. This is an anti-Oscar following device and it's worked like a charm!

I was hoping it would also deter the cat during naps

But he quickly figured out how to get up so the gate at the top of the stairs also has to be closed. But back to the gate...
Awesome huh?!

Friday, May 22, 2015


The infiltration has increased as Lila's size has. 
We knew it would. Finally I've given her a drawer. I took the junk out of this drawer in our tv console 
And I turned it into Lila's drawer

I also had been in search for a foot stool for the rocker for awhile without much luck. The Container Store got this cube in that works as a seat, a foot stool, and a storage box:
 The cat loves it too! 
I don't really need the storage yet so we just have some blankets and swaddles in there for now, but I'm sure as the infiltration continues this will be jam-packed too!
This. Monstrosity.
It now lives in my kitchen. She is a busy girl and getting her upright has made her very happy!
 So, we deal with it and it gives me enough time to make scrambled eggs in the morning:
So that's a quick update on our increasingly baby-stuff filled house!
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