Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trimester 2

I'm a little past halfway to meeting my baby girl and so excited! She has a name! She has a room! She has a baby registry full of fun! And I look pregnant. Holy cow I look pregnant:
August 29.

 This was me less than 2 months before that:
July 9

Here is a sneak peak of the baby's room theme. It'll will be animals and flowers. I adore this fabric I got. Harry was a little less enthusiastic about it and me making curtains:
 My major craving has been cookie dough. Unfortunately that's on the no list because of raw eggs. Chris was buying cookie dough ice cream that I would promptly fish the cookie dough out of like a bloodhound leaving Chris with plain old ice cream to finish. I finally found this recipe which has brought me so much joy! Harry too!  He is digging this pregnancy eating thing!
 This little girl has so many clothes already! I've been loving organizing a whole new space and all of these tiny clothes in these adorable drawer organizers 
 I of course think everything is a big thing in this room and have been obsessed with only finding the most perfect things to fill the space. I loved this ABC floral animals print that I found on Etsy and ordered it right away:
 Little did I know that it was coming from Russia! Now the baby as all kinds of culture in her room and the seller is super sweet and pregnant herself :)
So here we are a few days ago.. 
I can now feel her kicking like crazy and can tell the difference between a kick and a flip. I give 2 thumbs up to the second trimester. I don't sleep as well and have crazy dreams, but otherwise I feel just like my old self and am small enough to not be uncomfortable yet. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Trimester 1

I'm well past my first trimester and thought it was finally time to write about it. As far as first trimesters, and pregnancies as a whole so far mine has been good and easy. But I'm a big googler. I have constant questions and google has provided me with near constant answers! Read along for my favorite sites, etc. 

Here I am oblivious to my pregnancy. This day was a few weeks into me going back onto the low-carb diet that was super successful pre-wedding for me. I fell off the wagon big time and finally was back on. Then my husband suggested a cheat day. We did that. Shortly after this picture I had to go inside and lay down because I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I felt invaded by an alien, nauseated, jittery, and just plain not me. I blamed the sugar… Which probably had something to do with it. But I was also pregnant. 
Harry spooned with me for a few days and I convinced myself I was just a bad dieter and I was paying the price:
When I walked in from work, threw off my clothes and threw on a terrycloth robe, grabbed the dog (he spoons like you wouldn't believe!), and passed out in bed at 7:00 pm. Chris began betting me money that I was pregnant. That was the absolute, unforgettable, worst part of Trimester 1. I was so so so so tired. I also was moving my store from one location to another and going through the new location's grand opening. This led to wayyyyy too many 18 hour days, me unloading a semi truck full of shipment, and dodging glasses of wine and champaign toasts at corporate dinners. I was plain old tired and keeping my secret was tiring. I finally told my boss and everyone the Monday after grand opening weekend and was promptly scolded for all of the bad activities I'd taken part in. 
I felt nauseated a little bit but only got sick one time. Morning sickness scared me more than the idea of labor. I couldn't imagine keeping my pregnancy a secret at work but throwing up all the time. Aside from packing saltines in pockets of my work bag, in my car, and everywhere else imaginable I was ok! Salty potato chips really helped me too. I mostly just hated the smell of everything Chris likes to eat. Hot peppers, sushi, and everything fish related was not allowed for several months. 
I also was bloated. I felt massive pretty much right away and like my body was super puffy. That feeling is clearly not going down!

I began reading everything I could get my hands on! Look at how haggard and pathetic pregnant lady on the left is compared to modern pregnant lady on the right! I've gotta say now I feel like miss green shirt, but during trimester 1 I felt like pink dress all the way!
I also had 3 favorite websites that I visited (the last 2 I still do) religiously: 

1) This link to a miscarriage calculator. I know it sounds super morbid. But, I love this baby. I've loved her since I found out she was there but I also held onto her loosely just expecting that she, like so many babies I've known about wouldn't make it. Every day I didn't see signs of miscarriage made me hold onto her a little tighter. I still remember texting my mom saying "today we're down to 22%!" This calculator was the opposite of morbid for me and brought me hope. 

2) Click the picture below for my second favorite. I love pictures of how big my girl is. I have never marveled at how amazing the human body and life itself is like I have now that I carry it. I love clicking on the week and seeing all of the new things that it brings. Those little fingers below belong to an 8 week old little baby:
 3) With all the "What to Expect When" out there I wanted something that told it to me straight but had some humor. I whipped through Jenny McCarthy's Belly laughs. It was funny but not super informative and not even as funny as I thought it would be. This website has something new for each week and is just plain enjoyable to read:

So there you have it. My long overdue thoughts on the first trimester!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Making Room For The Lady

There's been some moving around here… This was my view across the hall a few months ago… The little lady's room is actually done already! I'm just not ready to reveal it yet!

With the baby being across the hall that put a big switch in motion, moving the office out. 
So here is a refresh of the stuff in the now baby's room:
-File cabinet
-Desk Chair
 -Bookcase thing
So let' start with the chair. It now lives in the living room with the imitation Eames Rocker up in the baby's room
 I don't know about the curves compared to the straight lines of the couch. But it works for now and gave me a free rocker for the baby's room!
The bookcase thing lives down in the basement toward the bottom of the stairs:
 This is the view on the way down. The "C" was our wedding guest book. 
 Around the corner is now the "gym" and my office area:
 This was my office area before. The sewing table was closer to the corner and only the bookcase lived in the corner:
The chalkboard went up on the wall:
It's still a little crowded for my taste… But it's a work in progress:
Now I need to keep my stuff stashed and organized like I never had to before. I added chalkboard tags to the bins to help keep things sorted:
I sold the black bookshelf at a garage sale I held a few weeks ago and merged all of our books on the white bookcase. 

 The sewing table and office are nicely divided but adjacent to Chris's TV space. I have a feeling that this will be our hiding spot once we have a baby upstairs asleep when we want to watch loud movies in surround sound. Poor Chris only has a limited time before I fully takeover the basement again!

 I have actually been sewing (more on that in another post)! I have tons of fabric stashed in the bins below: 
 And sewing supplies stashed in the linen bins:
 Here's the view from the other side:

 So, that's how the little lady shifted our whole house around for the better! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIY Bird Mobile

I was off work last week. Since I hit my second trimester I feel amazing and full of energy! I'm trying to get everything done before I'm big and tired. So I painted the baby's room, held a garage sale, and did a couple of little projects. This is one.

I wanted a mobile for over the baby's crib and found tons and tons that I loved on Etsy, Pinterest, etc. The problem with the ones I loved was that they were between $65 and $300 and that didn't quite work for me! If you Google "birds on sticks baby mobile" you'll get an idea about the vision I was going for. So I thought that I'd at least try to make my own. If you're looking for an inexpensive mobile this is the way to go! Here's what you need to do it:

-I got some sticks that were laying in my yard. ($0)
-I had some birds with feather tail Christmas ornaments I'd gotten at the dollar store years ago. I think they were 3/$1. Linus has since batted most off of the tree and chased them around the house- leading to their fluffy tails losing their fluff. I had 7 in a storage bin. ($0)
-I had some fishing line also tucked away ($0)
-I needed small screw eyes ($3.99 at Ace)
-Hot glue ($0)

Once I got everything together I de-fluffed my birds by chopping off their tail feathers. I also got rid of the ornament string. 
Here they are reporting for duty
Then I grabbed a 1/16 drill bit and got to work on my sticks
After putting a little hole in the stick just screw your screw eye in there and it's good to go!
Unfortunately, I can't find my glue gun so the birds went in a box while I waited to borrow my mom's:
While I waited I strung up my sticks though. I had to put them a lot closer together than I'd imagine you typically would based on the height of the sloped ceiling over Baby Girl's bed:
A few days later I glued the birds on there and they're ready to be stared at from below!

 So that is how I made a $3.99 mobile for my baby girl!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nesting in the Closet

I love an excuse for organization and this incoming little lady has given me the ultimate excuse.

The little closet at the top of the stairs has been undergoing makeovers for awhile now and most recently got elfaized and was Chris's closet:
My office will be Baby Girl's room, which doesn't have a closet. Meaning that the closet at the top of the stairs is the closet for that room. This is a picture from before I moved in to show proximity:
 That meant that Chris's stuff had to go again… We were about to share the little closet in my room. That meant the single rod in my closet wasn't going to work and it was time to add some elfa there too. This started a whole cycle of clothes being everywhere.

So as a reminder this was the before:
 It was working well. I needed to get rid of stuff. But the drawers also had to go so Chris's longer stuff wouldn't drag.
 This was the terrifying during:
 And the piece that was holding the whole closet together. High tech huh?

 And here is the after. I couldn't pry the hook out of the ceiling so it's staying for now. I love the white and walnut in there- It matches the room perfectly!
 And here is the it-doesn't-photograph-as-beautiful-as-it-looks-in-real-life after.
Part of the process was switching everything out to have a consistent skinny hanger. Buy buy wire and plastic hangers!

 And here the after of baby's closet:

So now that the upstairs was settled it was time to deal with some linens. The linen closet has never been perfect. The shelves were spaced way too far apart and I had leaning towers of towels all the time. I finally gutted it:
 Only to discover only two of the shelves were caulked in there 
 That's caulk! So I pulled out my crowbar! 
 Seriously I was a very busy lady my first trimester!
 Unfortunately it tore up the walls. So my quick shelf swap required demolition, patching, and painting before I could hang anything. Safety first! I actually wore a mask to paint… I like this baby!
 Here is the pre-stuff after shot!
Working our way from the top of the house down- Baby Girl also displaced the office down to the basement:
The day I got my tattoo I also gutted the storage room in the basement. Ugh it was so embarrassingly bad:

 A lot of the issue was these stationary height cheepy plastic shelves didn't give me the flexibility I needed. 
 I bought InterMetro shelves that hold lots of weight and are really flexible to replace the plastic guys:

Haven't I been busy?! We just held a garage sale to get rid of all of the extra stuff and we're working on bringing order to this place! 
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