Thursday, April 23, 2015

Those Terrible Stairs- Revisited

When we last left the stairs they looked like this:

 And while lovely, they're also near deadly. 

The treads are shallower than in a new home and everyone over the age of 35 that climbs them acts like the earth is shifting while they do. "Oh wow these are scary." "Be careful!" "You actually carry the baby on these?" "Wow you could fall right over the side of these." "You USE these stairs?!" I realllllly heard it when everyone came to the house after Lila was born. You'd think I was carrying her upside down the way everyone acted about me actually transporting her from one floor to another. I've gotten used to them. I navigated them in the dark while pregnant multiple times a night going to the bathroom! 

We added a gate at the top since Zulu has started getting forgetful. We were afraid she would accidentally turn and fall down during the middle of the night (she has fallen down once before and it was terrifying). We also figured it wouldn't hurt to get a jump on Lila-proofing the place. But we knew that wouldn't be enough. We need a railing and something to keep her from going over the edge. Fortunately, my family is in the carpentry business and my uncle and cousin came out to make them safe. It about killed me to not DIY this, but I just couldn't figure out how to attach a post and railing without significantly narrowing the stairs. 

Get ready for lots of pictures:
Just a reminder of where we started...

Then I added stripes and painted the railing white:
Then I ditched the carpet and found something scary underneath:
 Tried to stain it and hated it:
 And finally painted the treads black and added a thin crown molding to the back (making the stairs 1/4 in shallower and adding to the fear and agitation people experienced near the stairs)!

So Lila, the pets, and I packed up and moved to the basement for a day while they set to work. 

 She then proceeded to have a blow-out and got to hang out like she was sunbathing while I went and apologized for needing to climb the stairs to get her new clothes!
These are the inspiration photos I gave to my uncle to see if I could achieve something like this:

He pointed out that this would be easy to climb like a ladder for a little kid. There went that plan. I would LOVE to have a glass wall to keep the look of the stairs the same:
But that would be expensive and the Kardashians have stolen my idea. So there went that. My uncle sent me these two pictures and basically told me to pick one. I was glad for the lack of decisions and just to be done:

Ready to see what I picked and how it turned out? Well… I'm writing this post as it's being built so stay tuned for part 2!

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