Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At Last- Inspiration Realized!

Remember my inspiration post? I finally bought something from the post! I bought the light fixture from Overstock that I have lusted over for a year! I went to buy it a few months ago and it was sold out. I waited and waited and waited! When it came back into stock I knew I had to get it before it was gone again! Just a refresher. Here is the beauty:

And here is the beauty in my dining room (sorry for the grainy cell phone shot):

It looks right at home doesn't it? I love when inspiration translates to reality! Finally!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The One Where I Say "Duh"

Do you ever live with something for so long that you stop seeing it?

This was the case with my red front door. I love my red door! On the outside. But it never occurred to me that it was red on the inside. 
I don't really have anything in my living or dining room that benefits from a red door, but here I was living with it! Yesterday I had this realization and needed to ditch the red ASAP! 

I quickly decided black was the way to go based on the stairs and most of my furniture. I usually paint everything a semi-gloss so I can wipe it clean. I did do the stair treads in a satin finish though so I wouldn't slip and die on my way down. I have 3/4 of a gallon of black porch and floor paint just dying to be used in my basement. I decided to give it a shot on the door before I bought new.

This was the before.
And 30 min. later this was the after! (Note: I did this on July 4th while wearing a white dress and waiting for food to cook in the oven for the company I was having over later. It was risky, but fortunately it was quick and not messy! July 4th is also the reaso why the dog is in a star spangled bandanna!)

The porch paint worked perfect and looks great, and looking at the black front door all that I can seem to say is "duh!" Seriously... How did it take me a year and a half to think of that!?
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