Saturday, June 30, 2012

Every Mile a Memory...

Well car, it's been quite the year that's taken me to all kinds of places! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Outdoor Perfection

I love my dad.
I love him just because. But I also love him for all of the stuff he manages to fix and improve around my house. Especially woodworking stuff. He's moved my cabinets and added more, fixed my fence, given my stairs a makeover, added a railing to my basement stairs, framed windows he's installed, and recently he made my back yard plans become reality! 

Last week after only minimal nagging on my part, he rolled up with a pick up truck he rented filled with wood and lattice. He laid it all out so that I could paint in in my designated paint and spray paint area!
See these shabby pots? I got them for free and knew that all they needed was a little cleaning and paint to make them new again. 
But, the very next day while I was at work (before I could paint all of the wood) my dad came back and pulled the heavy metal X off of the frame and created my pergola!!! I came home super excited! 
Doesn't it look 1000x's better already? 

When I got home from work I slapped some paint on the pots and left them to dry overnight. 
My next day off I went to Home Depot and stocked up on more flowers. I added some life to those and other areas of my garden. 
Then I set to work on painting this big guy. While I was up there my dad called and said that he was coming over to hang the lattice around the deck. He sawed and hammered while I painted away.
Isn't it amazing?! It makes the whole brown and white thing make sense and ties everything together so well!
It's quite the before and after isn't it?

I still haven't painted the lattice. And I know seeing a deck surrounded in lattice isn't something new or unusual... But it is for my house and I love it! 
Once it's white it'll tie in the lattice on the side of the screened porch:

Had enough yet? 
Ok... one more shot of my amazing yard and father's handiwork 

So now you see why I love my dad :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nourishing the Soul

Approximately 284 days ago I decided that I need some self discipline. I decided that I would finally read the entire Bible in a year. I know this is an old hat to some people. But, I tend to like to skip around. I've tried the whole "open it and where it opens is where I should read. God's trying to tell me something." Then I've found myself in Numbers. I've tried daily devotionals. I'm currently a few hundred days into two great ones that are part of the YouVersion app. But, it was time to read every word from cover to cover. 

I'm definitely not in a high point in my faith right now. It feels horrible to type that. It's a struggle when you've wanted something for a long time and you don't get why you don't have a prayer answered. It's confusing to know how to pray sometimes and not sound like you're asking a genie in a lamp for wishes. It's a struggle to not sound repetitive. It's a struggle to realize some of the poor choices I've made and while I know God loves me wonder why he bothers. Reading every day has been a major source of happiness for me. I pulled up my bookmarks (things you can highlight) a few nights ago when I had done my 2 devotions and my reading and didn't feel quite "done." 

I was having one of those "Why do good things happen to bad people?" thoughts. The Bible is a great way to snap out of that! Looking back I've found something worth highlighting almost every night:
So here are some of my recent favorites and why they matter to me...

This is something I have to remind myself to consider. What I spend the majority of my time and income on is definitely not what I'd like it to be:
Even when they break your heart, call you fat, and are rude...
When I don't know how to pray or sometimes have nothing to say but "oh God please..." 
I tell myself to do this before every date/relationship. Unfortunately I've failed way too much!

I'm never too far gone...
Treating people that believe something different than me with less than love is never ok... 

For those days when two cups of coffee doesn't seem like enough!
Thank you God... 

When everyone around me seems like they change...
It's easy to forget. Am I proud enough of who I am and what I've done to have it seen?
I need to put the insane jealousy that I carry around away!

If Jesus prayed, then I definitely should take the time!

It's not my job to judge or condemn anyone. 
It's about me, not them...

Despite my lack of love for running I think this is one of my favorite verses:
Stop looking around and being jealous. Be patient and wait

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