Monday, August 27, 2012

Kitchen Before, During, & After

I'm calling the kitchen done... For now. I'm happy with it in person, still not thrilled with how it photographs. I also still don't love the Tiffany Blue with the tall grey cabinet. I think when the two toned trend goes away I'll be taking the light color down to the bottom cabinets. But... with that ramble aside, here it is!
I toned down the white and replaced the hardware. The hardware replacement was a big pain because every single hole had to be filled, patched, and painted over and new holes had to be drilled. I painted the cabinets the same color as my living room with Behr's Wheat Bread. 

Overall I think it's nice and modern, and finally makes the backsplash make sense again. The white clashed with the backsplash that had 0 white in it. 
I do still feel like a sinner when I look at the oak cabinets in past pictures though. They really were pretty good looking weren't they? 

Too bad now though. This is reality and there's no going back! What do you think? 


  1. what color and brand of paint did you use??

  2. Hi there! I've got all of the details on this post: and it's Behr Paint. I hope that helps!


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