Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Up Side of Being OCD

I love being organized and take it pretty far. I hit Gap Outlet a few days back with a friend and got a pile of clothes! 
 The good thing about having a closet that's organized in color order like this is you know what you have a lot of:
 I need to simmer down on my blues and greens!
 And I think I'm officially ok in black and white striped tanks! 
Being OCD has its advantages! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monster Smoothie for Zombies

I know that I've told you about the green Monster Smoothie  that I love. The problem with making these is that I'm a total zombie in the morning. Seriously... I spend about 15 min. roaming around trying to figure out what I'm even awake for. I decided I need to simplify this and give a few min. back to my morning! 
 As you'll recall the smoothie includes 1/2 a cup of fat free greek yogurt, 1 cup of some kind of milk (I use almond), 4 cups of spinach, 1 banana, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. 

I've also added a tablespoon of chia seeds to the smoothie. This thing is packed full of all kinds of things that are good for me! 
 I made frozen yogurt cubes: 2 cubes= 1/2 a cup
I made almond milk cubes: 8 cubes= 1 cup

After everything was frozen I added the cubes to a ziplock bag with my chia seed, and the peanut butter and sliced banana. 
Now when I'm a zombie in the morning I just have to add the ziplock bag and a package of baby spinach (one bag, or plastic container is about 4 cups) to the blender and I'm done! 

I also have been focusing on my body a lot. This has meant I've started seeing a chiropractor (more on that another time) to fix lots of car accident issues. This is expensive! To counteract the expense I have to bring my lunch. This has been hard for me because my zombie self can barely handle making coffee in the morning and making my lunch would probably make me 45 min. late for work! So- here is my way to keep on budget and on time:
I hope these zombie tips help if you are anything like me! And speaking of zombies... Who else is excited for fall?? It gives me an excuse to listen to one of my favorite songs:
Yes, seriously.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Little Change

One little change makes a big difference!  
I spent so much time on the door project and was kind of sad that you really couldn't see it. On a whim I moved it around and am already in love! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Take 2: Getting My Stitch Fix

I'm hooked. I did it again a few days ago. I've got a real addiction brewing here. Even though I cringe in front of the mirror at about 50% of what they send me I'm loving Stitch Fix!
I got home after a loooooong day of work and looked like crap. I also had horrible lighting going on in my room. There's the picture explanation I have for you!

 My first item were these earrings. Every picture of me shows me in no earrings or little tiny ones. These are out of my comfort zone:
 And I love them! I kept these guys:
 The next was this color block tank. I loved the concept and the colors. 
 I did not love the circus tent/Jenny Craig after picture vibe it was giving me:
 The next thing was this wrap tank. I loved the bright colors. And the shape. Hate the pattern though:
 The lighting was so bad that this is the only shot I got that kinda shows the colors and the shape on me:
 The next was this sweater:
 It was immediately clear that this was in my comfort zone and I love it! Wore it today :)
 The next was this dress. No thank you. Not my kinda pattern. Not a fan of the fit. The whole thing just wasn't me. 
 And it fit bad too. 

So, I kept the earrings and the sweater. I think I just love getting mail with surprise clothes in them. Sit tight. I'm sure there will be a Stitch Fix #3 update coming your way soon! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guest Bedroom Challenge

I like to challenge myself. This challenge was a guest bedroom makeover for less than $100. I have been working with my current room for about 4 years now. I've lived here for 2.5 years, and had everything since my last apartment
Unlike most people that move into a house with white walls and eventually paint everything, I moved in to a house with white walls, painted the walls, and am now painting them all white again. 

Inspired by this Young House Love guest room
This Pinterest post
This picture a facebook friend of mine posted that I screen shot (no link, sorry!)

Now that you get the idea let me show you what I did to bring it to reality and why what I had didn't work...

I was bored with all of the paper bag brown I had going on in there. 
The blue sheets reminded me of hospital scrubs. 
The sides of the dresser were a great plan that didn't turn out so well in reality. Somehow I schlepped this SOLID thing outside and sanded it. I wanted both sides to be stained dark brown and the rest to be white. One side went great. Then I got to the other side and my sander broke. It was going to rain later that day and I didn't want to wait to get over to my parents to borrow theirs. Therefore I made the decision to find the biggest space I could salvage on either side and stain that. 
It really was a good idea and it looked ooook. Not great, but interesting at least.
Oh, and the pictures from Ikea over the bed were annoying. 

Those are my complaints. Well and the indoor outdoor carpeting, but I'm not ready to turn this (yes I pried up the carpet in the closet while I was cleaning it out a few months ago):
Into the amazing hardwoods I have everywhere else on the first floor. So the carpet had to stay. And as much else as I could manage. 

I  pulled out my baby girl curtains from the attic and my breakfast room paint, my inspiration pictures and got to work! I also had to buy some stuff. 
-I bought plain white sheets. They were on sale for $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond and I used a 20% bringing them to $15.99 (they're microfiber, so they at least don't feel quite as cheap as they were! 
 - I bought a slab door (so it doesn't have any hinge grooves or door knob holes) from Home Depot for $17.99
-The scrapbook paper/card stock from JoAnn Fabrics and Mod Podge for $14.82
-And I crossed my fingers that i would like the paint color in the middle or the bottom since I already owned those. 
Now for the details. (Warning: This will be a looooong post!)
I was going to paint the door white and stencil words on it. I felt like such a badass going into Home Depot and walking out with a door under my arm. A dude in the parking lot yelled about my strength! Actually, it's like 3 lbs. It's hollow and light. I had to go to the Dr. near my parents, so I headed over with the door in my car. 
My mom is brilliant. She suggested I keep the door the same color. If I didn't like it I could just paint the back. She also said "It's too bad you can't decoupage the whole thing instead of making a stencil." Brilliant I tell you! 

With that plan in place I went into Microsoft Word to find a font I liked to print out. In doing this I realized that you can only get to 72 pt. font. I wanted bigger. Go to Word Art. You can stretch out the text to fit a page. This worked especially well for this project since I wanted some words tall, others fat, and others wavy. I needed to figure out what size everything should be to fit the whole phrase on the door. I also would need a template of where to cut on my scrapbook paper since it was too big to put into the printer and print directly onto. 

Here it is once I found the right sizes:
Then I spent a couple of hours (Yes hours! Fortunately I was catching up on the last season of Weeds!) cutting out tons of little letters
Then I carried the stack into the guest room and laid them all out. Linus was ever-helpful walking off with the letter A in his mouth! 
 Once I had them all in the right spot I Mod Podged (I used the high gloss version) away! After it was all dry I used two coats of my left over polyacrylic to make sure it was sealed good. 
I also decided I'd see what I could do with my annoying Ikea "art" over the bed:
So I pulled out all of my existing paint and went to work
 This is the after. I definitely went better. But blah. 
 So I used 4 pieces of $.69 scrapbook paper that looked like burlap and a piece of yellow construction paper I already owned and hopped back into Word:
I taped two pieces of the scrapbook paper together so that you couldn't tell where they met and covered up the old picture, cut out the letters, and used a couple of dabs from a glue stick to hold them in place. Sigh... So much better! I would put words on every picture in there if it wasn't overkill! Sleep and tight might be stupid on two pictures too. I don't know. But I like it. 
Now for a failure and budget dilemma. I hung up my curtains and now that I saw them against my white walls I knew they wouldn't do. Too yellowed. Plus, somehow in washing them one went totally missing. It still hasn't turned up yet. It's a mystery. I knew I'd need curtains for two more windows. 
 I picked up two cheap tab top curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond and used two 20% off coupons (I hate that store. I know I've mentioned it twice. But the Beyond part kills me. Way too much in one place and if you'll take a coupon from 2010 like the one I used today then just reduce prices!). My total for curtains came in at $32. I like to cut my curtains in half so they are on either side of the window. I do this via my mom's sewing services and she's out of town this week. Therefore, excuse the after pics. The curtains will be better soon!

Now for the dresser. This is what I started with:
 Here's the taping process:
And I created my own color so I can't tell you what it is. I know it's white semi gloss and the satin paint I used in my breakfast room. 1 part blue 3 parts white. 
 Here is the subtle after! I'm. In. Love.
 Then I taped off all but the back wall. I didn't know if I'd leave that its paper bag self, or paint it one of the blue variations hanging up.
Moving the bed reminded me of this sweetness I'd forgotten and why I'll never sell this bed (my dad made it!)
 Well after the white was all done I stepped back and realized I wanted bold. Everyone's going bold as I was reminded when this guy came in the mail (and hey, I love my basement!):
So I bought a quart of this for $12 in eggshell. I learned from the basement that you can see a little too much of a glare with a dark color like this when you go satin:

I also went through to buy a 1/2 yard of this chevron for $7 after shipping. I adore chevron. But it's trendy. Like Ikat. It'll be gone soon and I didn't want to regret chevroning my whole house. A pillow I can change and love until it's out! 
This will remain unsewn until my mom returns too! There might be enough left to spice up my curtains too! I'll let you know!

I also have double sided pillows on the bed. My mom anticipated my A.D.D a couple of years ago and told me to pick something plain for the back. Smart! So, I flipped them around. Everything else in the room I already owned.

So, here it is!!:

 I kicked him off the bed for pictures. He was as furious as his cat thunder shirt would allow him to be! 

 Oh, and the total... $99.80. :)
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