Thursday, May 23, 2013

Live With Intention!

I drive a lot to and from work. I've seen more fatalities in the last year than I could've ever imagined. It's  a very real reminder that you're never guaranteed to make it to work. Or to wake up... Have you been living each day like it was your last? I know I haven't. We could all take some notes from this guy, who unfortunately died this week. I promise you, this is a video worth watching from beginning to end... Although you'll probably cry like a baby like I did.

Now go make today worth it!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Being Engaged Sucks

How rude of me huh?! I spend a decade complaining about how I want to get married and now I am about to. And I complain! But after googling "is it normal to fight all the time after getting engaged" and seeing the words pop up before I finished typing I figured I wasn't alone. 

First off:
I adore this man. I am 1000% making the right decision. 

But the seriousness of this whole thing just came crashing down as soon as the ring was on. I'm going to be washing his crusty socks and folding his jeans for the rest of my life. He will eat all of the good food I was excited for before I get to. He will use fabric softener instead of detergent when he hears me complaining about the laundry and decides to help. He will not do things my way. 

I'm at the brink of this whole thing coming a little too late. I've lived on my own for the last 8 years. Completely alone. I've always refused to get a roommate in an apartment or for my house. Me, the dog, and the cat were a complete little family. I could stash a chocolate bar in my pantry for 3 months and pull it out in a moment of desperation and know it would be there. I could put the toilet paper on with it folding over the top and know that nobody would do it backwards. I could sleep with it super warm so that my nose didn't get cold. I could sing badly and nobody would hear. 

It's all about to change. A year from now it might have been too late for me and I thank God for his timing. 

Not only that, but I am signing on the dotted line that this one and only man is the only man that will ever ever be for me. I'm great with that. But then he does something and I think, "ok wait. That for the rest of my life?!" And I wonder if I'll be enough. What do I do that makes him think "Ok wait, she'll be that OCD for the rest of her life?!" We're making some serious vows! And I hope I can be a great wife. A great mother. I just hope I can be enough. And he is putting pressure on himself. Will he provide enough? He's about to inherit a woman, a dog, a cat, a house, another car, and a whole life full of responsibility. 

On top of that the wedding is this year. I have 1 more week off before it. I need to plan. Planning has brought out the great and the terrible in people. I hate making phone calls, yet lately it seems like all I do! It'll be amazing, but it's stressful. If it'll all work, if I'll forget something major, if it'll be wayyyy too expensive, will I fit into my dress, etc. Those are all things that are looming. 

Then there is family. We have to merge two families. All of the great things and all of the junk have to merge. My mom always told me to take a long hard look at a man's family before you agree to marry him. 

Put all of this commitment, all of the little things that you're realizing will be a part of your life forever, all of the set-in-my-ways stuff I have to let go of, family, and all of the planning that has to happen together and there will be fights. I found this site (I don't know the owner. It just was great reading)! It made me feel like I wasn't alone. I also talked to my mom. She said every thing I'd been feeling and gave me advice. This weekend we went on a date where I banned myself from talking about the wedding. It was heaven! 

So I have no resolution. I am incredibly blessed to be typing this with an engagement ring on my finger, his crusty socks in my hamper, and wedding pamphlets everywhere. This will pass and I'll look back later and wonder what the big deal was. I just needed to put it in print so I could look back later :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

The One Where I Try to Not Talk ALL About Wedding Stuff...

So, it's been a couple of weeks since I updated. Since then I've done a few things around the house and I've flown to Florida to plan my just-after-Thanksgiving wedding. I still think it's crazy that I'm the bride this time around and that I know what I'll be wearing and where I'll be standing when I say "I do." So, here's what's new:

I started juicing. How could you not after watching the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead?" I'm a sucker for lifestyle changes after watching those. And... I have a dress to fit into. "Forks over Knives" is another good one if you want some motivation!
 This is my refrigerator these days. It's so strange!
 I'm gonna have a new last name on in less than 7 months!
 We've had some campfires, s'mores, wine, and dog play time in the yard.

 She seems to be super happy at the prospect of having a dad!
 We had a planting and mulching partner this year!
 I got this super cute cork board for the side of the fridge that makes my kitchen look so cute:
 Chicago had some major rain and flooding during that hell week a few weeks ago. My basement took on water for the first time. Fortunately it's all good and cleaned up now.
 I've added some family pictures all over the house
 We've been happy
 My mom and I went down to Florida to marathon plan a wedding. Everything fell into place perfectly
 Chris went ring shopping with my mom. After we got engaged she sent me this. How cute is that? And how sweet is it that he took her?!
 I'll be getting married here. I'll give more details later on. Sorry, but I don't want mystery blog readers attending... There is only so much room ;)
I bought a super cool piece of furniture for the basement that will act as a bar and a game area. All we need now is a high top table!
Sorry for the random photo dump blog post, but it was all I could manage. The good news is that I think I'll be painting the kitchen cabinets white this summer and have a few other fun projects planned so this blog will be back to normal soon! 
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