Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who Will I Look Up and See?

The thing about working in a big city is that there are so many people that you often get lost in the shuffle and remain anonymous. Despite this, I've seen someone that I went to college with 10 (how has it been that long already!?!) years ago, and 5 people I fired back at the old top secret retailer in my store shopping. Anyone that's had my heart in the past decade lives in or near the city.

Every day I wonder who I'll look up and see. Right before things ended with my most recent guy we had gone out to eat. We went to a restaurant that was managed by someone he'd had a falling out with. The poor woman tried her hardest to look like she was having fun and didn't see us. I felt her pain and the entire thing was just horrible... So, I always wonder if that'll be me. Pretending I don't see them and that I'm having a great time! 

It reminds me of yet another Sex & the City episode where Carrie is walking down the streets of New York City and she runs into her ex Aidan, who's moved on and is married with a baby:
Does anyone else out there think about picking up and moving far far away where nobody knows your name? The whole idea is very un-Cheers theme song, but appealing. If I didn't love Chicago so much I'd consider it...

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