Friday, March 7, 2014

Homey Update

We now have wedding pictures up!
I got them printed on canvas using a coupon code online and am thrilled with how streamlined they came out looking!

I also did a speedy update to our "front hall" closet. I don't have a closet right inside the door, but this is across the bathroom and those frames in the little hall between there and the kitchen. It's under the stairs and holds our coats and shoes:
This was it when I saw the house for the first time:
This was it when I was trying to get a handle on all of my shoes and put them all in shoeboxes:
 And here they are away with a little shoe rack on the bottom:
Well that wasn't cutting it… Especially after I married someone with more clothes and shoes than me! So I went through the boxes. I hadn't really opened more than one or two of them since doing this project two years ago! The rack got the most use. So I purged. Lots of shoes got donated. 

Then I installed elfa to make the most of this space. These shoe racks glide out. The bottom one is for heels and the others are for flats. I did this one night after I got home from work around 11:00 pm. It was super easy and I managed to not wake Chris up!
This is it after I put all of the shoes Chris and I had left. The basket on the top right is for hats and gloves and stuff. I have very few purses. They're not my thing. None of these are probably in style even… Oh well! I have room if I ever get trendy! I have lots of extra empty shoe boxes for future shoe shopping too!
 During the summer I keep my boots in boot boxes under the guest bed. During the fall and winter they hang from the closet rod so they can keep their shape from these guys. It's an oddly deep closet and I wish I could've elfa'd the whole closet, but leaving the rod further forward made more sense. 
 I also got this really cool fireplace from my brothers for my birthday:
 I love how modern it is and we tote it wherever we want a romantic fire

 And now it's living here in the dining room:

 I also got a kind of shadowy picture from our wedding up on one of the walls:
So those are our recent homey updates!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Planning a Wedding- The Stuff

Like the other wedding posts, I'm writing most of this in September and will go back in and add after pictures after the wedding has happened! With that out of the way- Here are the details of the "stuff" that made up our wedding!

I asked the ladies of my wedding to be there with these cute necklaces from easy.

I made our envelopes for our invitations out of beautiful doilies from this etsy shop

This is my beautiful wedding dress. Unfortunately I had a terrible experience getting it from this shop where I was basically called fat and they attempted to extort money from me for alterations not done. I highly advise any Illinois bride to read their Yelp page and take their business elsewhere. It's such a shame since the dress was so beautiful! At the end of the day I wore my dress with no alterations except for a bustle my mom added and a little bit of her wedding dress close to my heart:
Speaking of my mom's dress- She made me a clutch out of hers:
This was the beautiful inside:
I got my shoes from Nordstrom and they may be the most beautiful things I've ever owned.
My wedding bracelets, beaded sash, and earrings were from little alley shops in Chicago for a few dollars each
The necklace I wore down the aisle came from this beautiful blue box from my groom. I hadn't planned on wearing a necklace:
But it really completed the look after Amanda Hopcraft & team did my hair and makeup:
I stopped in to a little flower shop down in St. Augustine to ask directions and while there asked for a quote based on a Pinterest picture:

 They gave me a fair price and via email we planned out my flowers. They were absolutely amazing and a wonderful small business that deserves yours if you need flowers!

I wanted my ladies to wear attractive dresses that weren't stereotypical. I chose short dresses in ivory that matched my dress. My mom and I picked up silver ribbon at the fabric store and simply cut the ribbon at the correct length for a sash on the day of the wedding:
The guys wore dark grey suits, ivory shirts, and grey ties from Men's Warehouse.
They had simple boutonnieres from the same flower shop:
We decorated simply since the castle was beautiful enough on its on and just lit lots and lots of candles:
My Grandfather's Bible was in the center:
I also loved this sweet little business that created my gorgeous wedding cake, again based on a Pinterest picture:

I bought a cake stand on eBay and the cake topper from this Etsy shop. Unfortunately the place that held our reception lost the cake topper, so sadly I won't see it again:
We gave Christmas ornaments as favors to our guests. St. Augustine is known for its Christmas lights display. We took every guest on a trolley tour to see them between the wedding reception. These pearl and rhinestone trees from The Container Store seemed perfect:
We also made these big Christmas light ornaments out of night light bulbs, glitter, and ribbon:
My mom made the table numbers out of things from the fabric store. She spray painted wooden numbers with silver spray paint, wrapped them with pearl covered ribbon, and mounted them on dowel rods:
I borrowed the mirrors from my aunt, covered them with extra doilies from our invitations, and bought these inexpensive lace plant pots from Ikea to hold our centerpieces:
I made candy favors out of Amac boxes from The Container Store, filled them with fake pearls and chocolate covered pretzels from here, and topped them with this gift tag, covered in a sticker I made online:
We had GREAT food at the reception finished with an amazing coffee bar and tons of fun desserts:

And finally, we had a photo booth for our reception. My mom bought tons of stuff after halloween on clearance from the party supply store. She also picked up a garage sale frame and painted it as a fun accent:

So, that my friends is the "stuff."

Monday, March 3, 2014

Not Tacky Sports Stuff and Other Fun Projects

Most people that know me know that I am not a sports enthusiast. While sports are all fine and good and I can sit through a live game and have a great time- watching sports, buying sports apparel, decorating with sports logos, etc is NOT for me. Naturally I married someone that disagrees with that and is especially into college football. He LOVES Texas A&M and wanted some big, ugly, A&M rug or to pay $30 a pillow for pillows or a throw blanket. I was trying to find a way to blend that in in a way that didn't offend my eyes. You may have noticed this in the previous basement reveal:

My sewing machine and I have bonded lately. Chris is the worst at receiving gifts. Whatever I give him he asks me to return before even opening it. I wanted to give him SOMETHING for Valentine's Day but didn't want it to just lay there. I decided to make a stencil and paint a logo on some fabric to make a pillow for the couch. Here's how to do it if you like it, or don't like sports like me and want to compromise!

I printed out a picture I liked from Google:
 I bought a piece of thin foam and placed that under the picture I printed off. I then used my exacto knife to cut the shape into the foam:

I realized that the letters would look a little less precise than I wanted, but that I could probably touch them off after that: 
 I then laid out my fabric with a piece of newspaper under it:
 Then I taped my stencil down and grabbed a stencil brush and some paint:
 Holding the little letters on was a messy pain, but painting overall was very easy and fast!
 This was it after I removed the stencil. The letters definitely needed a little love, but overall I really liked the unevenness of the paint and how it looked a little distressed:
 After filling the letters in with white paint this is the finished product:

 I was having a crafty afternoon! I whipped up a quick shadow box with all of the cat and dog's tags from our old addresses. I think it turned out so cute!
 I was also so good at tracing states that I thought I could whip up a quick Illinois that showed some Chicago love:
So there we have it! A manly (without spending a ton for something dumb and commercial) pillow!

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