Friday, April 4, 2014

Bar Stool Makeover

Since I got this table I've needed a seat for it
I was looking at something like these from Target:

When I remembered my old bar stools:
They were out in the middle of the basement for a long long time. They are really high though. If I wanted to use them something had to change
We don't have a saw but my brother did. I marked 7" up on the stools and my brother came over and chopped
They were a little unsteady with the second set of crossbars not there. But, we needed to trim those down to fit into a narrower place. So we pulled out the traditional saw and got sawing:
Then I made some paint. I wanted this to be another free project and I thought grey would work perfectly down there. I pulled out my old samples from this project and started mixing

This is it  after two coats. I didn't care for how flat it was though and wanted to coat it with poly acrylic 
See how much better it looks with a gloss? (and that we still haven't sold the dumb couch)
My drill battery is having some issues at the moment so I haven't reattached the crossbars so this is the 95% done after-shot! 
What do you think? I'm loving the free makeover!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Family of Five

We are now a family of 5! We got another dog much to the shock of all of us! 

Meet Harry Winston Cooper:
Chris and I both knew we wanted about 80 more dogs and cats… Or 1. Someday. Like we want kids… Someday. We weren't planning on making the leap either way into being a family of 5 anytime soon. Then I left for work last Sunday morning. I had coffee, water, and my work bag in my arms. It had just snowed… Again. I was concentrating on not slipping as I walked to my car when I looked around and noticed this guy in the middle of the street:
We met eyes. I know you don't chase a dog. So I knelt down and he ran to me, hopped in my arms and licked my face! I looked around the neighborhood to see if he'd gotten away from someone. Once I realized nobody else was outside I brought the wet, snow covered, guy to the door and rang the bell since my hands were now way too full. Chris opened the door really confused! After drying him off and seeing him run up to Zulu and lick her face I asked Chris to call the non-emergency line to see what to do with him. 
After he left he was all I thought about. I googled missing dogs in my area, looked on Facebook pages about missing dogs, trolled my neighborhood looking for signs, and secretly wished for him… And named him Harry in my brain! I called the shelter and he wasn't micro-chipped. They told me that if he wasn't claimed by Wednesday we could adopt him. First thing on Wednesday morning I called and they told me to come on in… He was all mine! 
We are now a week out from gotcha day. He fits in perfectly. He loves to cuddle, he sleeps under the covers at night, is very friendly to people and dogs, and has a wacky little personality.
In most ways he has seemed like he is right at home. In others it seems like he is still adjusting. He has marked the house a few times when I've been gone and seems to have some separation anxiety. He needs potty training overall. He also doesn't like to go up and down stairs or understand basic commands like sit. We'll be going to obedience school soon!
Harry is 2 or 3. He seems like someone loved him. He knows how to ride in the car, sleep under the covers, and loves walks. Someone loved him. I still search missing dog listings with no luck. I'm so grateful he is ours now but can't stand the mystery. 
It's like my foreclosed house. I want to know what color the walls first were, when someone put on an addition, etc. I wonder who bought him. Who loved him. What was his name? Did he live with other pets? How far away did he travel to find me? How long was he in the snow? 
I'm so glad he found us! We needed each other and are so so glad to have a Harry in our family!
There is something serious that comes with taking responsibility for a life with someone. Yeah we were married, but now we co-own something that lives and breathes!
So that is our week-out story of becoming a family of 5!

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