Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hardware Happiness

My kitchen cabinet makeover left me very perplexed. I didn't know what was wrong with it. Was it the color? Was it the hardware? Was it the walls? After talking about it at work it was finally suggested that I upgrade my cabinet hardware. I bought it two years ago, and really do like it! But I decided to entertain the idea. Once I started thinking about it I found these two that I thought would do a cool job of tying in my stainless appliances, modernizing, and working with my barn wood dining table:
It was absolutely impossible to find prices for them. I finally googled to the point that I figured out that the top one is $23. TWENTY THREE DOLLARS A HANDLE!!! I'm cheap. 31 handles at $23 each was not going to happen. It was time to rework my plan. 

I went to Home Depot and picked up 2 potentials. I taped them on to the cabinet fronts to get an idea what they'd look hung at the right hight. 
I got this one because it seemed barn woodish:
I knew that going with something tall that wasn't a knob was the way to go right away...
But, I have no black doorknobs or pulls in the house and this was a little random.
So then I taped up this one
We were in love right away...
It was perfectly big and modern

Of course the rejected one was the cheaper one. I still didn't want to spend $300 on hardware, even though it was much better than the $720 I would've spent on the wood and metal pulls. So I began mass research.
Fortunately I didn't have to look further than this listing on Amazon. It's hard to see, but they were $2.90. TWO DOLLARS! I tossed 31 of those babies in my cart and for less than $100, including shipping, I had them 2 days later! They are super heavy and amazing quality!
To hang them I grabbed a regular letter sized envelope, lined it up on the corner of the cabinet door, and used a pencil to trace the holes
Then I taped it in place
And drilled!
Here it is with wood filler in the holes before painting the cabinet (again!!)
Here is the envelope technique on the drawers. 
There's a preview of the ongoing kitchen makeover, an easy way to install cabinet hardware, and a link to some great cheap hardware! Stay tuned for the full makeover!

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