Friday, July 5, 2013

Bridal Stitch Fix

In case I haven't shoved it down your throat enough... I'm gonna be a bride! I thought Stitch Fix could help me do some shopping for the big event and trip. 

When I requested my fix I included the following details:
And here's what I got:
This was a much better experience than my last fix. Something about a personal note just makes a big difference. It's hard to see, but my stylist Angela told me they didn't have any lace dresses in currently but sent me other dresses and accessories, and wished me luck. 
 So here is what I got.
#1 The necklace
 I'm wearing it in the next picture. It's like 5 lbs. I'm in love with it. I would've never bought it on my own but it's so pretty! I can picture myself wearing it with a long dress down in Florida! It's a definite keep.
 She also sent this #2. This dress. 
My big thighs did NOT look good in this one, so there are no pictures. It was really cute though :(
#3 Was this linen lace shirt. 

 I love the details and it works with my whole wedding lace thing...
 And the back of it is super cute!
 This is also a definite winner. 
#4 was this paisley maxi dress. I'm loving maxi dresses these days (along with the rest of the world) but this print is a little like my grandmother's wallpaper. I wasn't sure I could swing it. 

 It actually fit great and was really comfy, but I couldn't wrap my heart around the print enough to keep it. 
#5 was this great colorblock maxi skirt. 
 This will also be living with me!

 So there it is! StitchFix redeemed itself all with one little note and I'll be keeping 3/5!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Make Some Lace Envelopes

The invitations are out! It's official that this thing is happening! Soon! The wedding is in five months already and because it's far away I thought it was important to give people plenty of time to make reservations, plans, etc. I wanted to flex my crafty muscles in several areas of the wedding and one thing I saw on Pinterest I was sure I wanted to do was make lace envelopes for my invitations:
So, above is my finished envelope! I got most of my inspiration here and assembly details here. I wanted to know if I could make it happen any easier without buying velum, spray adhesive, and tracing paper. My main colors are white/ivory lace and charcoal grey. So I looked at the following invitations:

In the end, the one with the lowest price one (the first one with the white background). I absolutely love the script, but the background was kind of bland with matching envelopes. I was able to negotiate with the seller to get addressed envelopes for the reception cards, but that I would provide my own mailing envelopes. By doing this I could use more charcoal grey, and find a larger envelope to accommodate my pretty lace one. I was able to buy 50 envelopes (yay for small weddings!), 50 paper doilies, 1 silver Sharpie pen, and 1 roll of double stick tape and I had everything that I needed to get my invitations done!
 Aren't the grey and lace pretty together? I managed to keep everything sealed until my big box of wedding everything showed up one Saturday! 
 So, here is how you make a Martha Stewart looking envelope without all of the Martha Stewart trouble! 
-She instructs that you need a 9" paper doily. Good luck finding that. Once you've admitted defeat (like I did) get yourself a 10" paper doily. Click the link above for a great one. I think they're so pretty! The 10" ones I got worked great for a 5x7 card. 
-Find a surface that is easy to sweep. Pulling apart all of those doilies was unexpectedly messy.
-Lay out your invitation on the doily:
-Followed by your reception card:
-And finally your RSVP card:
-Once you've laid everything out start folding in one of the side corners:
-Make sure you fold both corners in the same place and firmly crease them. Test the envelope before folding the top and the bottom to make sure there is enough room on either side to pull the cards in and out without tearing the envelope. Once you've done a couple you'll find a groove and things move "quickly."
- Here is where your tape comes in:
-A little double stick tape does a great job of helping the envelopes stay crisp and folded. I tore off long strips and cut them in half to place on either side. Then I got annoyed that Chris wasn't experiencing the wedding magic and made him help me out. Here he is cutting strips:
-Stick your tape right on here and fold up the bottom flap:
-Give it a good press and you're done!
 -And take it for a final test drive to make sure everything comes in and out smoothly! That's it! No other tools needed. It probably took about 3 hours to do 50. It's not fast work, but it's easy and looks great!
 Then the moment came where my mom and I got to address them!
 Seriously, we're so picture happy!
 Here is a tip. With envelopes like these do not use a white sharpie paint pen unless you want to go over each letter at least 3 times. We were so disappointed and almost scrapped our efforts. In one last shot I tried the silver, and look what we were left with! 

I dropped them in the mailbox today! It's happening people! 

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