Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Went Too Far and Turned My House Into a Piano

Not sure what that title means? Don't worry. You will be as soon as you see the pictures! 
I love black and white! 

My love of black and white is obvious! Last week I took it too far. 

I was so excited at my great ideas! I planned a whole post about it in my head and took step-by-step pictures! Let's just pretend this ends happily as you view my shots with the same optimism that I had:

The top was already white, but really dingy and needed cleaning up. You can see the difference:

I took the black and white thing too far! TOO FAR. The desk looked like a piano. The white top on the cube brought out just how off white the chair was. The whole thing was a mistake. I know someone  that has a bachelor's in interior design that loves Bed in a Bag. That matchy matchyness appalls me. Now I'm guilty too!

It was time to fix it! I decided the white top needed to be black so the off white chair didn't look so not white (I looked at slipcovers first. There's some great ones for sale... FOR MORE THAN I PAID FOR THE CHAIR!!!). I also realized that the natural wood feet not he chair didn't make sense in the room anymore. 

A few seconds later that problem was solved! I did this with my couch too. I usually hate the color of the feet that come with my furniture! 
Spray-painting something with a waffle print is much easier! You can see the little squares were still white on the inside. I needed to wait until it was light out to spray it from the inside out to remove the white. 
I also restored the desk to it's pretty white state! 
The chair makes so much more sense with black feet and the cube works better all black too! 

The lesson here is to not focus on making everything match! The room looks so much more relaxed and coordinated with the black and the white scattered throughout! 

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