Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's Play Pretend

Today I was procrastinating on doing something scary (yes it involves you and I'll stop procrastinating soon!). Whenever I procrastinate, or otherwise want to ignore emotions or tasks, I do a project or cook something! Remember when I took my shadow pictures out of frames and put them on canvas? I still have all of the floating frames. I stuck them in the basement and told myself someday I would put something on those empty walls down there. 

Today is someday! I don't know what I want in the frames though, but figured I'd find the best layout. I hate when you have 6 pictures that are all vertical or horizontal. You need to have variety. So I figured I'd place my frames the best direction and then look for prints that fit that direction. 

I did everything with Command Picture Hanging Strips because I'm over nail holes (and I suck at details and figured I wouldn't hang them level the first time around and strips are easier to fix)! I laid out the frames to see what looked best and then transferred that layout to the wall
Now just pretend there's tons of bright and happy artwork in the frames! 

(It seems like my brother is never moving out of my parents' house. Therefore, my old dining room chairs are still hanging out down here.)

Now I just have to pick the artwork! Stay tuned for updates!

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