Thursday, February 2, 2012

Men and Their Messy Offices

I don't know what it is about the men in my life, but they trash their home offices! For me, it's impossible to work in a chaotic space. Recently I redid my brother's office and showed you the results. I also got to redo my friend C's office. He owns his own tennis training business. He has a lot of paperwork that goes along with that and a lot of branded merchandise samples. Both of these needed a home. His office is also a guest room. Now that I've told you all of that let's get to the pictures so that you can understand what I was working with:

First I got in there and assessed the situation. He had all of the necessary furniture. We're probably going to do something with the wall color later, but for now that was fine too. He just needed some cosmetic stuff and a lot of storage. 

We went shopping. 
We picked up this slipcover for $29.99 at Ikea while he was helping me jam my brother's desk into my little car. He already had the futon, but if you want it here it is. I glanced at their website for his desk, but I don't think they sell it anymore. If you want his chair it's also from there and here is the link. Anyways...
 We also hit Target for storage supplies. 
We picked up:
3- 66 qt boxes @ $9.99 each: $29.97
2- 41 qt. boxes @ $8.99 each: $17.98
Hanging file folders: $5.89
2- red magazine boxes @ $4.99 each: $9.98
The project total came to $93.81

I enlisted the help of my loyal assistant again! We got to work first on sorting out his merchandise samples. 

I pulled out a lot of things that will be donated to charity. 

Once the samples were sorted and in their containers, and the old electronics and samples were pulled into a donation pile, I was left with a lot of paperwork to sort! 
While sorting we had thrown the pillows into the wash. One didn't survive and created a big mess! 

And then I was done! Please forgive the funkily (I like making up words) lit iPhone shots of the room! Here it is! The painting was just hanging out on the floor in the hallway. It looks much better above the futon!
Here it is with a little better light:
We hung the picture that was above the futon over the desk:

Doesn't this seem like a much better place to do your work and stay if you're a guest? 

When I was finished I received my home-cooked payment!

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