Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blocking the View

*Edited to change the title!
My neighbors have seen me naked. Probably. Remember my peach blinds?

As soon as I took possession of the house we ripped down the blinds. 

I love the french doors
This fall I was walking Zulu about 3 blocks away and I realized I could see into my kitchen from that far away! Let's be real. I live alone. If I'm not fully clothed and I want a glass of water, I'll roam into the kitchen and get it! I never thought that anyone would see me! 

Last week I finally got fed up with the cat's treatment of my living room blinds when I realized you could also see into those when it was dark out and the lights were on:

I bought faux wood blinds and installed them:
I adore them!

Today I bought three more and installed them into the breakfast room.

 Look at how dark!
So, if any of my neighbors are reading this rest assured... No more naked EJ! Also a note: I love the blinds that I picked up at Home Depot but if you do the same check the box before you leave! I had to make several return trips because the wrong sizes were in the box or there were missing pieces... GRRRRRRRR!

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