Monday, February 6, 2012

Bathroom Makeover for Under $100

No, this post isn't about my mom. But... She turned 50 last week. 50! Doesn't she look amazing! I was off last week. I did a lot of home improvement projects, including a bathroom makeover. I did take a day off to go downtown with my beautiful mom (I'm going to age so well!). I thought I'd show her (and beautiful Chicago at night) off:
So you're reading for a bathroom makeover? Let's get to it! 

Here's before:
Look at all of that oak! I had bought new cabinet hardware. Otherwise I hadn't done anything to the room except add some cheap pictures on the wall, and put up my existing stuff.

I wasn't thrilled with the whole oak thing and asked for your help in this post.
This oak beast was my favorite/least favorite thing. It held a LOT but it also was an ugly oak beast. If you look at the middle door you can also tell that it's kind of not lined up.  
This is what would happen when the door was opened. It would swing off and threaten to beat you in the head!
So I bought paint samples. All Behr. Road Runner, Grey Area, Dark Ash, and Dark Granite. 
This was the door before. 
I prepped it for testing the samples by sanding the gloss off of the surface with medium grit sand paper that I had in the house.  
This is the door after sanding and wiping it down. 
 I put all four on the door like I showed you here. I bought semi-gloss paint for the actual project, but Behr only does samples in flat paint so all 4 look kind of blah. 
 I also put them around the hardware. I was afraid the hardware wouldn't stand out if I picked too light of a shade. The hardware is too new for me to consider painting it or replacing it. 

I slept on it! Something impatient EJ doesn't like to do very often!  Then I pulled off all of the hardware. I wasn't going to clean out the drawers. Far too much effort for me! Look at all of that fun girly stuff in that drawer!
 Then I taped and sanded! In that order! It's harder to get tape to stick on dust. I'm not great at dusting off walls and everything after sanding. Just a lazy tip from me! This is what oak veneer looks like sanded. The front was real wood. The sides were not.  
I also taped off the inside of the cabinets. I wanted a clean line when the cabinet was opened and didn't want to worry about painting the inside too. 
I used paint with primer in it. What color?! 
I went with the Dark Granite (the bottom stripe on the door).

And I began... Always the scariest part! Especially when you paint real wood. Even more especially (such bad grammar right there) when you use a non-traditional color!
Then I let it air out. It took 1 1/2 coats (1 solid coat and a touch up). It dried pretty quickly and only used about 1/3 of the quart. I left the doors open for at least 24 hours. 
 It looks amazing doesn't it?! It looks much more expensive to me! It also goes great with the grout!
It kind of reminds me of this guy from Restoration Hardware:
It became very obvious that the blue wall color was screaming though! I remembered my leftover kitchen paint that I had used for the light stripe in my brother's office makeover. I had a little less than half a gallon left from that that I thought would make it all the way around the bathroom. This was my back up plan all along. When I chose the cabinet color I'd also held up my samples to the kitchen wall to see how they went:

 I had a clear winner! It was time to take the medicine cabinet down and see what scary holes might be lurking behind it. Fortunately there were just a lot of scary little holes where they'd mis-measured. And some pencil marks. I could work with that! I also realized how short I am! Look at how nasty dusty that is!!!!
I couldn't get it off of the right side of the wall. Of course I stopped to take pictures. Something beyond a screw was holding it up. 
 After some yanking and prying I realized they'd stapled the right side to the wall after they'd screwed it. Crazy people. I was forced to rip the cabinet off from its back. I wasn't sure if it was trash worthy before. It currently is sitting at my curb waiting for the garbage men now!
 This is the blank slate I was left with. 
I had begun my mirror search awhile back. I went to thrift stores looking for mirror to paint. I left one after the smell of burnt hair assaulted my nose after a woman was testing a used curling iron, that she'd managed to plug in, on her hair and burnt it off. I am not meant for thrifting! I finally landed on these 2:

They were $29.99 each at Home Depot. I was pretty happy with them. Until I stopped by Kirlands 
(where my bedroom mirror came from) while I was out. I found a super pretty big mirror for $79.99! I had to sit a little close to the steering wheel in my car, but I fit the mirror in!
Then I painted! It's pretty subtle looking in the after pictures (I think) so here is the during: 
 Here's a close up of my lovely cabinets, now complete with hardware that really stands out!
 Here is the "after!" (It's an "after" not an after because I need a strong man to hang my mirror. So far I'm coming up dry.)
 Here is my $79 steal! My existing pictures, towels, and linens go great with the grey!
I had to live with the mirror here for a few days while I waited for someone strong to help me to hang it! The mirror weighs over 25 lbs. 
 The whole room reminds me of something in the black and white scenes of Pleasantville. I just adore grey!

Get excited for way too many after shots:

Sigh... So perfect isn't it!? 

Total cost of the project:
$79.99 Mirror
$15.99 Paint 

I hope I've inspired you to paint something an unconventional color like the grey cabinets in this post!

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