Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quick Tip: Laundry

I know you love my boring quick tips. Want to know the one thing you need to own to have great looking and smelling laundry? 

That's right: Vinegar!
Check out this link about all of the things that it does for your house. Specifically for your laundry
-You can use it instead of fabric softener to soften up your clothes
-If you have a bad cat like mine it kills all kinds of pet odors better than anything I've ever bought
-It removes sweat and deodorant stains (it works wonders on clothes and socks that you work out in)
-It takes all kinds of smells out of clothes: smoke, body odor, moldy, and musty odors
-It brightens colors

Today I did some early spring cleaning. I took all of my shirts out of my dresser and washed them. I hate when things have a drawer smell. 

Then I evaluated it all and gave some of it to charity. The rest got put away... Smelling great!
Stay tuned. I'll give you a review of my favorite laundry and other household projects soon!

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