Monday, February 20, 2012

Side-By-Side Product Reviews

 I posted last time about how in love I am with vinegar in my laundry. I use it for other things (like cleaning out my coffee pot and cooking) too. I was doing laundry thinking I wish I knew someone that would just tell me what to buy and what to not waste my money on. 

I thought I'd show you all of my various products and tell you what to buy, and what to steer clear from (None of these companies have a clue I exist. This is purely my opinion and 100% unpaid).

These are my 3 things that I use in every load. Method Laundry detergent, scent booster like Downy Unstopables, and Vinegar.
Method Laundry Detergent. I was skeptical about such a small bottle, but it's great to only need 1 hand to dispense it and is much easier to carry in a shopping basket or in the bag on the way into the house! It's super concentrated and only 4 pumps do a whole load.
Vinegar. This is the brand I have and don't think the brand matters. I just like to buy a big jug of it because I go through it so quickly.
Downy Unstopables. I love the way these smell and it's noticeable. Just 1/2 a cap full leaves things smelling great for awhile,
The problem with them is that it's not fabric softener. It's just a scent booster. I have to use unscented dryer sheets when I use this. 
I also love Purex Crystals. The good news about these guys is that they also smell amazing and they are fabric softener. They're also cheaper than Downy. They smell good too. I kind of like the Downy smell a little more which is why I'm willing to spend a little more for it. 
 I also have these guys. I thought they were like  Dropps when I got them (which I also love as a detergent) until I got home. Then I realized they're like OxyClean but in individual packets. I was still excited that they were all pre-measured, etc. Don't buy these. They never dissolve all the way
I washed this shirt with them today and this is what was left on it:
Just not worth it!!!

All Free & Clear is another "don't buy" product. It cleans just fine. The problem is the package. When it is sitting on the shelf with the spout down (like it is designed to be) it drips. It left my dryer and the shelf covered in wasted detergent. I like paying for something that's not going to be totally wasted! It's a sticky mess.
 This is a "do buy" product. It's Victoria's Secret ultra concentrated laundry detergent. I use it for all of my delicates. You already know I have a lot! It works and smells great!
 I also am a big big big fan of Splash-Less Bleach! I've ruined way too many shirts because of bleach splashing up at me as I pour it. This is the only way to go!

I own two right now. I love Method products and I own quite a few. 
-Best in Glass is great on glass and smells amazing! It's my favorite for cleaning glass. I think it totally beats Windex. 
-But, Windex does work way better at cleaning the top of my stove and keeping it shiny. 
 Stainless Steel:
This is not surprising since I already told you what the best cleaner is. 
-I also own Method Steel for Real. I didn't think it worked. I bought a microfiber cloth from Method for stainless steel with this product and it works great though! I also like this bottle the most. 
-I also own Caldrea Stainless Steel cleaner. Caldrea is great because it comes in several different scents. My favorite is Olive Oil. The cleaner smells soooo good! I didn't think it really worked either. 
-Stainless Steel Magic was the clear winner!
-Method Wood for Good. It again smells great! I like that it's not oily and doesn't leave your hands feeling grimy. It's a little runny though. I would use this before the other two for the smell alone.
-Old English. Who wouldn't own Old English?! It works well and everyone knows how it smells. I hate how it stains a washcloth and leaves my hands feeling oily though.
-Furniture Wipes. These smell ok, don't make you stain a washcloth, and are convenient. They dry out though, so they do have a shelf-life. They're just ok. 
 Surface Cleaning:
I like to use things that won't hurt my body and smell great to clean. 
-Caldrea Countertop Cleaner smells amazing. It doesn't work on greasy surfaces though, so it's not 100% practical. It does leave everything streak free and smelling great though!
-Green Works all purpose cleaner is my go-to cleaner. It gets rid of grease, it smells great, and is streak free (except on my stove top. The only thing that does it for that is Windex). 
 -Caldrea Dish Soap smells great but didn't really do it for me when it came to cutting grease. It also took a lot more to get things clean. 
-Palmolive is in my kitchen right now. I'm not brand loyal. Anything that cuts grease and is clear/unscented is good with me. Scented big-brand soaps usually leave my dishes with a flavor. I like to taste my food... Not my dish soap! 
-Method Lil' Bowl Blu smells great. Catching a theme? I love good smelling products! I love the color, love the package, and love the smell! I didn't think it worked very well though. Too bad :(
-Lysol Max is my favorite. It makes things sparkle. The only problem is if you buy the one with bleach on it and it splashes at you you will have bleach spots on your clothes (I know from experience!)
-Method Le Scrub smells sooooo good. The bottle has a groove in it for your sponge. I wish it had a few more scrubbies in it but it works really well. 
-I've had this Ajax with Bleach since I moved out on my own. I feel like it's clogging my lungs with poison and eating the skin off of my hands. I need to just toss it. If I need a good abrasive cleaner with a texture like this I just dump some baking soda in with my cleaner. It adds the grit you need without all of the chemicals. 
-Method Tub and Tile is my favorite weekly cleaner. It smells good and leaves things pretty clean. 
-Soft Scrub is still in my cabinets for the occasional deep cleaning every tub needs. I like to stick with the non-toxic stuff for the most part, but sometimes toxic just works! 
- Method AntiBac smells soooo good and the back of the bottle says it fights some major germs and viruses. I don't like that you can't wipe the surface for it to be antibacterial. It sprays too much on the surface and it takes forever for it to dry. I use this in the shower, but wouldn't use it on surfaces or anything. It also leaves a film. 
-Lysol spray is a tried and true favorite. I also like that it works on fabrics. It fights some major viruses and germs. 

The problem with both is they don't work on MRSA . Before having MRSA I thought Lysol worked on everything! 
-Dial Antibacterial Soap is in my life because of MRSA. Prior to that I didn't see much of a need for antibacterial. I feel like people over-sanitize these days. Unfortunately, this is necessary in my life! I like that it's already foamed, smells great, and is easy to refill.
-JR Watkins Hand Soap smells soooooo great. There are a few scents I'm wild about. This is my current favorite soap. 
-Method hand soap also smells really good. Their seasonal soaps are my favorites and the best thing about them is the refills. They come in a bag that's easy to recycle, and to get every last drop out of. 
I hope this helps you next time you're walking the isles of the store debating! 


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  2. Absolutely! I use mine all the time for way more than it's intended to be used for I think! :)


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