Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tree Hugger

Ok... I'm not. I don't wear Birkenstocks. I don't eat granola unless it's in the form of a bar. I probably don't fall into any of the other stereotypes. But I sure do love trees. Love! It's turned into a mild obsession in fact.
The dining room- Pre curtains. One of the most tree-filled rooms!
The material for the curtains in the kitchen

A few of the tree pictures on the wall in the office! The dining room has "grown up trees" and my office is filled with "whimsical trees!"
The curtains in the office- And a glimpse at another "whimsical tree" picture!

The tree/branch fabric used in my bedroom

A view of my very gutted, very work-in-progress downstairs bathroom... I used this shower curtain as a door for the doorless linen closet.
Scraps of all of the tree fabrics used throughout my house. These
panels are in place of the broken glass there was on the front of this antique cabinet!

That tree really needed some fluffing! This is in my office currently.

It's like "I spy a tree!" Tree stocking holders, mini tree, shadow picture of a Christmas tree, and the other shadow picture has a man peeking out from behind a tree!

A mini tree for my guests, in the guest bedroom!

Another view of how many trees are in the dining room!

Trees topping a tree-covered cabinet!

The latest addition... Two Christmas trees on the front porch!

So there you have it... My official tree obsession! Here's where I got it all (even though nobody's paying me to mention their name- I just love it all so much!):

Mini Trees: Old Time Pottery. I think they were $2-3 each.
Big dining room tree painting: Ikea
Small dining room paintings and whimsical trees: Random prints found at Michael's Arts & Crafts and Target
Shower curtain/closet door: Target. $15.99
Silver trees (in kitchen) and stocking hooks: Target. Trees- $5.99 each. Hooks- Gift $?
All fabric: hawthornethreads.com- I love this site! They have so much fabric and they ship faster than you'd believe!

Call me a tree hugger... Or don't! I just know I'm going to keep on buying trees! Maybe they'll form a support group for people like me ;)

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