Monday, November 15, 2010

All About the House

Update: Edited to fix a bunch of pictures that went missing.

My house is my favorite hobby! I bought it back in March. My rent in my apartment was being raised and I jumped at the chance to get $8,000 (tax credit) on the government and my own four walls! I bought a foreclosed house that had sold for twice the price three years before. I feel bad for the family that lived here before me. They had a little growth chart downstairs on a basement wall where there daughter Jessica's height and age were marked. I'm SO glad my house is my house, but I do feel for the family that lived here before me.

The house was generally greasy, grimy, and spidery. I'm still working on getting the spiders to relocate to a new abandoned house! The previous owners also had a dumb, big, dog that scratched the entire place up and rubbed all over the walls. And they committed a major sin. They put carpet over the wood floors. I had such a great time redoing it! So, without further delay... My house!

To avoid making this post the longest post in the universe I'll break it up by room. Today...

The Kitchen

No appliances, greasy walls, and missing peel and stick backsplash.
A close up!
Grease! Tile doesn't stick when there's this much grease!

It takes a village to clean up this mess!
Trying out straight hair and laying tile!
I bought a microwave that was too big.
Good old pops moving all cabinets over 2 inches! (And showing
off the "quality" carpentry behind the cabinets)

I love the end result! The transformation included 2 new cabinets, hardware, appliances, tile, lots of paint, a table, chairs, antique cabinet, and curtains.

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