Friday, November 26, 2010

9 Things About Black Friday

1) I felt like I was a mother to a newborn last night. It sucked. I wanted the TV doorbuster at Target, but will never be that person who waits in the line that wraps around the outside of a store just for a chance to claw another person's eyes out over a TV. A TV that I'd probably drop in a brawl, and have to "you break it you buy it." I went to bed at 11:00 and set an alarm for midnight. The TV wasn't on promo yet. I reset my alarm for 3:00. It wasn't on promo. I reset for 4:06 (6 after just for fun)- The TV was gone. GRRRR. I had to wake up for work at 5:15. Not restful.
2) I'm still full from yesterday.
3) I have 3 birthday cakes waiting for me at work! Yay for employees remembering their boss is human!
4) My store beat it's top Black Friday (which was pre-recession of course) by 25%! That is so exciting for a retail nerd like me!
5) I might be aging. My body hurts. Today was SOOO busy and crazy. I love ice. I just keep rotating this ice pack: 

6) A random woman that appeared completely sane told me I had the most beautiful flawless skin she'd ever seen... She then proceeded to caress my cheek for an awkward amount of time.
7) I'll be 27 in 2 hrs. and 26 min. Ugh. Yikes. Gulp. Sigh.
8) I wish it was still yesterday. I was in my card game playing element:
9) I went over to my parent's tonight for dinner with 2/3 of my brothers and my mom. It was wonderful... I don't know how 8 hours at work can drag on, but 2 hours around a kitchen table flies...

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