Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Am I Thankful For?

I'm glad you asked... So much I can barely wrap my mind around it!

I sure am grateful for my momma (I'm channeling my inner southerner. She just goes by "mom" when I talk to her). I'm grateful that she listens to hours of rambling on the phone, weekly. I'm grateful that I have a great mom. I'm grateful that I know someone else exists out there that's just like me:
It's eery isn't it?

I'm grateful for my Grandma. She drives me nuts when she tries to force me down the isle. But I'm grateful to know that I am exactly the way I am because I'm a carbon copy of her:
Even creepier, huh?

I guess I'm just grateful for genetics. I know exactly what I'll look like in all stages of life... 
And it's good! I'm grateful that I'm part of the family I'm part of, and one of 3 generations of awesomeness:

I'm grateful for my daddio (he also rarely goes by this title. He's "daddy" if I need a giant favor, and Dad the other days). He's a little shorter on words than my mom and a little more hands-on:
Yes, I was a natural blonde for awhile! I also still love to paint walls this much!
We went through some rough patches where one, or both, of us were too immature to express our feelings...
But, if I ever questioned them, I know not to now. My dad is an "acts of love" kind of guy. Whenever sewage comes up in my basement, or my cabinets need to get scooted over 2 inches to accommodate a too large microwave, or I break my weed wacker:
I know my daddio is there for me:
And, I'm thankful...

My brothers... Oh my I'm thankful for them! 

I'm thankful that the oldest one is such a great, quiet listener. I'm thankful that the middle one makes me cry laughing, and trains with me at the gym. I'm grateful that the youngest one has always stayed sweet. I would read him Nancy Drew books at bedtime until I left for college. He's always been a good guy that puts up with all of my antics. They all do for the most part:
(The baby is not my brother... He just got an honorary shirt!)
I'm grateful that they all show me that there are good men out there. 
My sister-in-law was lucky enough to find one of them.

I'm grateful that I never married one of the many I dated. I wasn't ready. 

I'm grateful for my amazing house! I wish I would've kept houses of some of the train-wrecks that I looked at before I found this one! I'm extra thankful for all of the people that helped me make it my house:

Cheers too all of you who have helped make this house, my home!

I'm grateful for my job:
Even though my boss seems to find a way to make me cry every Monday, I'm grateful that I have one. I wish I could say all of the places I've traveled with it, and all of the trips and fun things I've gotten as a perk of the top-secret-retailer, but confidentiality agreements forbid me!

I'm grateful for the places I've been, and things I've done:
Covered in flowers in Hawaii!

I'm grateful for my friends. I'm grateful for their puppies and the fires in my backyard that we've talked around:

I'm grateful that both of these ladies have worked for/with me in the past and have liked me enough to stay my friends! 

And how could I forget... I'm thankful that when I walk around my house talking to myself, I'm not crazy. Because I'm talking to them:

Somehow in my giving Thanksgiving, I've turned this into an Oscar acceptance speech, complete with a slideshow. I'm off to eat my favorite meal of the year... 

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