Tuesday, November 16, 2010


For now I'm just inspired to decorate, but unable to act. Money sucks! I love having an old house! I can't imagine living in a cookie cutter type house. Unfortunately this old house of mine has been expensive in our first year together! I've bought thirty gallons of paint, tile, cabinets, hardware, and things like that in the last few months. Two weeks ago a tree branch went down during a storm, narrowly missing my house. That of course required a tree trimmer. Ok, I can manage that.
Tree trimming. Check. (Look at how much better you can see the living room window now!)

The next week sewage started coming up through the drains in the basement. Wonderful. Something as small as draining the bathtub or running the dishwasher would lead to catastrophic results. Yuck. 
Yes. That is standing water. Ew. So a plumber came out and flushed out the sewer system. Sure take my money... It needs to be done. Plumbing. Check. (Yay for dry basements!)

Fast forward to a week later. This week. The furnace decided that there is no need to heat the house when it is 30 degrees outside. Thanks furnace from 1987. I know we were due for this, but I wanted more time! The repairman was able to limp it along. It has two more years in it tops, but a few hundred dollars for that project and I officially have a fully-functioning old house again! For now... Furnace repair. Check. 

I bonused this quarter. My bonus check was going to go toward a dining room table and chairs. It's coming this Friday and I've already spent most of it on my broken house. Blah. Only three more months until next quarter! So, since I can't actually go shopping, let's window shop. Here's how I work. Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel are my style. Not my budget. I collect inspiration from them. Then I find it on Overstock, or at Target, or Ikea. 

Here was my Pottery Barn inspiration for my kitchen table: 
Now here is my Overstock.com table, Hobby Lobby Basket, and Ikea chairs. This look was approx. $700 less. 

Now for the dining room of my dreams... First let me show you what I'm working with:

First off- How great is grey on the walls? I loovvvee it! The only thing changing in the room is that the rickety Target table and chairs are going away. I also want a new light fixture that makes it feel like a dining room! I'm also working on an accent color. I'm thinking red. 
Here's my Pottery Barn inspirations: 
And here is my Crate and Barrel inspiration:

I want a sturdy wood table that matches the buffet, a bench, and parson's chairs. I also like black with the lighter wood. So I want a wood table that matches the buffet, and chairs and benches that are black. 

Light fixture from Overstock
Rug from West Elm

Chair from Ikea
Bench from Ikea

Table from Ikea

As long as my old house keeps being old, I'm sure I'll have unforeseen expenses. So for now I'll just be inspired window shopping...

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