Friday, November 19, 2010

Projects: The Floors

Update: Edited to fix the pictures that have gone missing... Grrrrr! 

 I thought about doing a post about all of the projects I've taken on. But after looking at pictures that I would add to the post, I had hundreds. Too many for one post! So tonight let me tell you about my floors! I mentioned in my first home post  that the previous home owners committed a giant sin by carpeting over wood floors! I know some people are from the school of: Carpet Should Go On Bedroom Floors. The bonehead was from this school of thought/interior design. I am from the- Carpet Shows Dog Hair And Requires Me To Vacuum school of thought/interior design! This was my bedroom and office when I toured the house (Oh, no worries, I'll go into detail about my decorating of both rooms in another post!):
My Master Bedroom

My Office
The carpet is clearly dark brown, and was some kind of indoor-outdoor carpet that had been damaged in a few spots. I got the keys to the house about a month before I moved in. My mission was to do as much work and painting as possible, before moving in. I was planning on getting new carpet for upstairs until a peek into one of the little attics
(This little guy is behind my headboard... Suuuuupppppeeerrrr creepy when the cat gets in there and you think there's a ghost in attic!)
and a little yanking on the carpet revealed that there was some kind of hardwood underneath! 
The master bedroom had this horrible, germy, gross window seat:
It was, unfortunately, built right into the wall. I decided that even if it meant the immediate expense of floor refinishing or carpet replacement I wanted it gone before I moved in! A friend's boyfriend knocked it right out for me! I hopped in in the end to pretend that I was the beast that did it!

See right by my feet?! Wood floors! Painted, and paint spattered, wood floors! I was in love! I wasn't sure if it was worth paying someone to do, or working on it myself. I googled "white washed wood floors" and found a few pictures that made me hopeful that I could do something myself with the tools that I had! One day I decided that once I finished my annoying 11:30-8 shift at the top-secret-retailer, I'd grab Zulu, my palm sander, a hammer, crowbar, and sleeping/eating type things and spend the night working! Zulu and I got there around 10:00. She's the biggest baby ever, and was terrified of the entire house. Especially the stairs. So I went up alone, not sure what ripping up carpet would entail. Ten minutes later I had this: 

I finally got my baby of a dog to join me.
It turns out that ripping up carpet is not hard! It's allergy and smell filled... But not hard! Inspired, I kept on going! 

Check this out! I felt strong! I think I even yelled at one point "who needs a man!" (Even thought I needed one the day before to take out the window seat. And a few days after to help me trim out the dormer... But I was high on life at the moment)
I was again enraged at the previous home owners. The people before them clearly had painted the floors. But haven't you heard of a drop-cloth people? It's like they were intentionally messy! Fortunately, inside of the closet I found this:

This gave me hope. Even though I'm sure they spilled the bucket of paint they were using to paint the closet doors, it showed me that white-washed wood floors would look GOOD! So I stayed up late! I sanded every inch of those floors down! With a palm sander. 

That sucked.

I highly recommend a belt sander. But, I have the patience of a one year old being shown a piece of candy. Wait, I could not. Finally I hurt. I had possibly lead-based paint dust all over my body and up my nose. I could feel my body aging. It hurt. Time to retire to "bed."

I made a note to myself that night. Bring something soft to sleep on. A blanket is not enough! Zulu and I slept downstairs in the guest room. The one room that still has carpet. In the morning we had breakfast

In the living room. On lawn furniture. This is one of my favorite memories ever. Living on my own for the last five years did not compare to the feeling of independence I had that morning! I was in my four walls! Eating my cherrios. Drinking my coffee! After breakfast I made friends with Home Depot. Home Depot and I did not get along in the past. I'm a very girly girl. I did not understand it's massive isles, and how in the world anyone needed so much of a variety of wood! My words and thoughts came back to haunt me many times in the last few months! Take this for example:

I was not even doing this to be funny. This was what I needed to buy! But back to the floor story... I ran to Home Depot and bought Deck and Porch Paint after more Googling. And then I painted. And painted. And painted. Hindsight says that green paint might do well by being covered in primer first. Who knows. I didn't do this, so I'll never know. It took about 5 coats to be where I wanted it to be. 

For the sake of the pictures I'm also going to include my office. I did my bedroom before moving in, and my office after. I kept all of that furniture in the basement, and literally carried my desk up two flights of stairs, on my back, a few weeks later. 

I did my bedroom myself, but I literally had dozens of people's help with my house! Dozens. I love my family and friends so much! This is my mom's friend. She pulled up the carpet in the office, and all of the staples and nails for me! Yay!

Brown floors with yellow drips this time (and another little attic)!
After she did all of the prep work, I worked my magic with the hand-sander again! The brown paint seemed to be a little thinner and I was able to get to the pretty floors that used to cover the second floor:

I wish my sander/my arms had more power. I wanted to keep going.  But it was just too much. Weren't they beautiful? 
I know you can't wait for the after, since I've shown so many befores! Well sorry. First I'm going to show you the durings....

My view at the top of the stairs.

Taking a second to relax in between coats

Are you ready for it??? Finally... The after pictures (I'll show the after decorating pictures in a later post)!

So there you have it... The floors! 

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