Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Out With the Pumpkins... In With the Trees!

Today one of my favorite days of the year arrived... The day I got to decorate my house for Christmas! I adore decorating my house for any occasion, but Christmas is my favorite! I picked a great day to have off of work and to do indoor projects. Chicago weather at this time of year can be slightly erratic! This was what we're working with in IL today:

Perfect day! I didn't get dressed, didn't do my makeup, and I turned up the heat!
This is my first year in the house, so it was fun to figure out where all of my stuff would go here. First I had to take down my autumn decorations:
Done. That was easy! 
Then I needed to get out all of my Christmas stuff. I should also mention, this is not only one of my favorite days of the year... It's also Linus's favorite day. He gets to climb around all kinds of things that he hasn't climbed on in 11 months!
Once I got all of my stuff upstairs (It lives in the basement) I wanted to start with the biggest project- The tree. I wasn't sure where to put it. My living room is pretty small in this house, compared to my past living rooms. No matter where it went I would have to move furniture. These were the options: 
Option #1: Get rid of the entry table and put the tree in front of the stairs. The pros: Minimal furniture movement. The cons: Linus had easy access to the top of the tree for his climbing pleasure. I also would need to find a new home for my keys. I could picture myself in a panic when I forgot where that new home was!

Option #2: In front of the screened porch door. The pros: It would be front and center in the living room. Linus wouldn't be able to easily hop onto the top. The cons: It would block a major light-source for the room. 
Option #3: Get rid of the end table and lamp and place in the corner. Pros: I wouldn't need the lamp if I had the lights from the tree. Cons: Finding a home for the end table. 
Option #4: The dining room. The pros: No furniture movement and a view of the pretty tree from the window. The cons: It's in the dining room... I don't want it in the other room! 

Option #3 won. The end table and lamp went to its temporary home in the basement. 
This is the springy/summery before & the Christmasy after:

 This dude is in his element:
I love hanging stockings. It's kind of pathetic to hang just one lonely stocking, therefore I'm that pet owner that has a stocking for the dog and the cat... Oh well, I own that. 
I have a very naturey kind of house (and I like to make up words!). I like some modern things, I like some countryish things, I like clean lines, I like black, I like brown, I like tan, and I like grey. I don't think these things necessarily go together, but I like them, so I've done what I can to make it all work! My tree isn't shiney, it's twiggy! 
I got this foxy dude in Hawaii... I think he's my favorite. He's made out of sponge. 

I probably have 100+ eyes staring at me from the tree!

I didn't change my centerpiece. I spent $2.00 on a big bag of scented pine cones at Michaels a few years ago. They go out from fall-spring. I found 18 of these baby ornaments in Target's $1 section, and mixed them in there. I love how it looks! I also got the snowflake pillows at Target on clearance for $6.99 and $3.99 (the later had a footprint on the back... It's all clean now!). The other red pillows are from there too. That place makes me happy. What can I say?

I wanted a shadow picture that would be Christmasy too... Look what I found for $0.10!

Now for my office...
I saw a nativity scene in Africa that I regretted not buying almost immediately. I finally found one online. The cat has eaten one shepherd, but otherwise it's still intact!

It's boring... The tree that is. I need ribbon on it or something, and to figure out a tree topper. But for now I've got a happy little tree in my office! 

Now for the dining room...
 Busted during the PJ party in the mirror!
 I love this Santa tin... Another $1 find at Target!
Another bowl of cheap pine cones spiced up with 6 ornaments for $1 at Target!

Now for the kitchen...
This room is a little more difficult, because red clashes horribly with the colors in the room. Here's what I came up with:
 I have a small pine cone obsession... But they're so cheap! I love that they're scented and they make my house smell so good!

Today was a fun day... After decorating I had a baking and laundry extravaganza. I'm still in my pj's without a spot of makeup on my face watching Christmas movies. Yay for today!

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