Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stencils Over Stripes

I'm eliminating the thrill of the big reveal by showing you the "after" shot first... But, this is my dining room:
Just to remind you of before...
I've never really liked these stripes. I love the ones on the other side of the wall but the color contrast I had going on was just too much for me. 

I was inspired by this project I saw on Pinterest and decided to spice up my dining room.
First I wanted to make sure I had a solid idea. I got everything off the wall:
 Grabbed printer paper, tape, and a tape measure:
 Made squares that seemed like they'd be a good size for my wall:
 And stuck them up:

 Then I pulled out all of my old paint to see what I still might need to buy, and to come up with an idea of what would look good:
Then I went out to buy more of the Behr Chocolate Froth paint I'd used on the stripes to cover up the grey. Unfortunately I accidentally bought the other shade I'd used in my living room (Behr's Wheat Bread). I realized that I'd screwed up pretty quickly! 
I had no choice but to use the quart I'd paid for:
Some of the lines showed through, so I sanded over those and touched up the wall with more paint:
Then my mom came over...

She saw my squares and my idea and shot it down! She said it looked way too modern for my modern/traditional space and would completely make my tree pictures look strange. Unfortunately, I realized she was totally right. 

We moved the square project elsewhere (more on that another time) and I slept on my boring Wheat Bread wall filled with I-Covered-Up-My-Pretty-Stripes-Remorse. After sleeping on it, it came to me suddenly... 

Stencils!!! That was a great modern/traditional way to change up the wall and keep it interesting:
I'm still hell bent on getting my money's worth out of these stencils! I picked the middle one (mainly because it was the biggest and I'm lazy). I trimmed the edges off so they would be continual circles. I also picked up my dining room color Behr's Porpoise and covered up the Wheat Bread paint that was a complete wasted purchase. I also picked up a quart of  Behr's Gentle Rain which is the shade of grey in my kitchen, bathroom, and my brother's office. Finally, I grabbed some stencil brushes:
As soon as the Porpoise paint was dry (you can tell it's not totally in some areas but I'm impatient!) I taped up my newly trimmed stencil and got to it!

I started this project on a Sunday night. This is how I left it... I knew it was going to be kind of drawn out because of work...
This is night 2:
My view while painting:
Night 3:
Night 4=Finished product!
I got the frame for free from the college that I worked at. They were switching out their artwork. I took this guy and another one home. The wall mount was actually on the side and it was to be hung long. I found this E & J and liked how rustic they looked. I stuck them both in the frame and re-screwed the wall mount so that I could hang the picture horizontally. This was hanging in my basement. My mom suggested that I move it up here since it complimented my yellow rug and barn wood table... She was right!

Here's a closeup of the work. It was tedious, but super easy:
I love it! It's interesting but subtle. And, it's not perfect (but it's also hard to tell). The colors make me happier than the stripes colors, and it was another fun project to learn how to do!

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