Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Big Before & After Post (Part 1: The Outside & Living Room)

Edited to add: The link to the supply list

It will be 2 years in March since I closed on my house. Literally every surface in my house has been painted or touched in some way since I moved in. A lot has changed! I know I've done before and after posts of several rooms, but never the house as a whole. No worries... Here is the post you've been waiting for (divided up since it's giant)!

Let's start outside:
This is when I got out of the car to see the house for the very first time. I shouldn't be so emotionally tied to a house... But I am.
See the wimpy bushes, dead tree, and bronze door knob? 
A year later. The wimpy bushes have grown up, I've added a few more, cleaned things up, repainted and retextured the front steps, and the dead tree is gone. 

 Here's a close up
It looks a lot better with a Zulu outside doesn't it?

Now around to the back of the house:
Granted this is a summer/winter picture. But you can see the broken basement window kind of covered by a board and the plain wood railings on the deck. The window has been replaced, I painted the pot covering it yellow, and the railings are now white. Of course, there's also a hammock.

 I have plans for the strange red thing next summer. The dead tree has been cleared out and the porch has been re-screened. There's the pot in front of the window after the yellow paint.

 My mother dear showing off the view

Not an exact before and after, but it shows the new screens

Have you officially seen enough pictures of the outside of my house?
Yeah you have. Let's get inside!

The front door, railing, stairs, and all walls have been painted!

See how everything in the house needed paint and scrubbing?
 I ditched the carpet, painted the walls and railing, painted the doors at the top of the stairs, and got new silver hardware on the double doors and the railing. 

This is my living room. It was dirty, boring, and small
It's so small, in fact, that I quickly realized my love seat wouldn't be able to stay. (It now lives in the basement)
I haven't actually done a lot to this room aside from scrub the floors and put fresh paint on the walls. Furniture makes a big difference!
So there you have it. This house has come a long way in 2 years! Stay tuned for more before and afters soon!

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