Friday, March 30, 2012

ANOTHER Super Exciting Announcement!

You'll be shocked by this one.

Almost a year to the day after my grand exit from the retail world I'm returning to it! 

Yes. I'm going back to retail. Yes, I'm actually excited! My out of retail job ended up being horribly boring, sitting at a desk all day made me fat, there was all kinds of office drama, and I just wasn't great at my job. I was a great store manager! I can't tell you who the new top secret retailer is either. I can tell you that it's a really cool place to work though with a much different product. I will no longer be managing a specialty apparel store. I will in fact be working with products that compliment my love of design and organization. 

Mysterious huh? That's all I can say! I'm really excited to not be a heifer at a desk anymore, to not have time to sit around and gossip and drain my iPhone battery playing games, and to use my brain being great at my job! I'll miss some of the people at my last job. I won't miss others. But I have missed the chaos and constant change of retail. I've also really missed being great at something...

It was quite an interview process which is why I told you way back in February about some big changes involving Chicago. So, that's this week's super exciting announcement! I'll get to look at this:

from my new top secret retailer's front door!

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