Monday, March 19, 2012

When I Get Bored I Paint My Bathroom

Seriously. I've painted both of my bathrooms in the last month. I also thought about calling this post:
-Do I love it or hate it?
-How to use an entire roll of painter's tape on a small project
-The problem with free stuff

Now that you get the idea about my thoughts on my bathroom let me give you the project details. First here is the before. I was never really thrilled with the green on the walls. It was too mature and mild compared to the curtain that inspired my color choices. 

My mom is cheap. She's super proud of this fact! She is always on the lookout for a deal or coupon. A few days ago she sent me a text about Ace giving away a free quart of paint on Saturday. She said she'd pick one up for me since I was working if I'd tell her what color. I saw this great color in my latest House Beautiful Magazine from Benjamin Moore. When she got there they wouldn't color match and only let her pick from Ace brand colors. She texted me the name of it, I googled it, and gave the thumbs up (what a long story about paint huh? Phew!)... Look at how perfectly it fits in:
It's called water flow 
 I busted out my iPad (best purchase ever!) and tuned it to Revenge (a friend recommended it and since I was trapped in a small room for awhile I figured I'd give it a shot. It's GOOD!)
 I then proceeded to use the ENTIRE roll of painter's tape! In my defense, there are a lot of dips and curves in this room! I also know I was not born with a steady hand! 

I got out my supplies and got to it: 
The stuff they gave away is paint plus primer: 
Here it was when I was finished (2 episodes of Revenge later)...  
 Now you know why I almost titled this "Do I Love it or Hate it?" I couldn't tell. Was it bold and that's why I hated it? Or did I love it because it was out of my comfort zone? I couldn't tell. 
 This is what my mom used her free quart for (the yellow) and had some extra. She suggested I use her extra somewhere in the room to tone down the blue (she'll also kill me if she reads this and sees that I let anyone see her house when it was a mess... Sorry mom!)
 I decided to cover up the blue I had in the closet (it sure doesn't look blue next to the screaming blue though does it?!) with the yellow:

The blue and the yellow covered amazing and got the job done with one coat:
 I also decided to put an ivory on a couple of the walls that was the same shade as the curtain and towel background. But this project was FREE and I wanted to keep it that way! I used the paint I'd used in the laundry area of my basement and some white ceiling paint and concocted my own shade:

Immediately I knew I'd done the right thing toning down the blue! 

 After the first coat I ran out of my custom shade. Covering up blue is a lot harder than it is to paint it there in the first place! I had to remake a second batch that somehow turned out perfect on my first shot!
This is now the view walking into the room (it was terrifyingly blue before! I left the drop down blue though)

 It's still questionably bold, but I think I like it!

The ivory also turned out just right! This is a more accurate shot of the blue too... It's not quite as blinding as it comes off in the pictures:
 Here is the closet in action:
Here is my favorite part.

Are you ready for it?

Total project cost = $0

But, what do you think?

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