Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Square Project

I know that I told you about my square project that I wanted to do in my dining room and that I (my mom) rejected it. 
It's hard to see, but I needed one more color. I was inspired by this room on Young House Love (one of my favorite blogs)'s blog:
I picked up a sample size of Behr's Rehlm. I knew this would compliment the Tiffanyish blue I have in a few places in my house:
Since this wasn't going to happen:
We moved along to the basement. My mom voted that we did the whole wall. I thought that sounded scary, so we did my 12 blocks that I'd drawn and taped up upstairs. My mom is very detailed so I let her have the taping honors!  

Then I pulled out my paints. The beauty of this project is that I spent $2 for a sample of the aqua. Everything else I owned.  
Then I laid out my "map" of colors.  
Going in order from top to bottom and then snaking back up to the top (ok that sounds confusing... going in this order: 
1 4 7 10
2 5 8 11
3 6 9 12)
these are the colors:
1 & 11:  Behr's Weathered Sandstone (the other color I have painted in the basement)
2 & 10: Custom tint used on my patio furniture
3 & 8: Pure white trim paint
4 & 9: Behr's Swan Sea (used in breakfast room and basement stairs)
5 & 12: Behr's Dark Granite (from my bathroom vanity)
6 & 7: Behr's Realm 
 It was a super fast project. Only a few of the colors needed a second coat. 
Here it is:

 So if you're looking for a quick project and you have a little extra paint laying around this might be a good one to try!

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