Friday, March 2, 2012

Ok, So Maybe Martha Does Know What She's Doing...

Remember what a disaster those Martha Stewart stencils ended up being when I was painting my rug? I've been mad for months that I wasted money on them! I  showed you lots of empty frames in my basement...

I ordered a few prints for the frames and wanted to keep the whole project cheap so I made these:
Want to see how? First I grabbed 2 pieces of poster paper at  Michaels for $1.29 each and a $1.99 bottle of Martha Stewart high-gloss paint. I eyeballed a blue/green that I thought would work with my wall color and a happy yellow. 

This is the paper up against the wall color:
This is it against the pillows that inspired my color choice:
A also grabbed some photo mats for $2.99 each to try to prevent this issue of uneven paper:
 I traced the size of my frames out onto the poster and then cut them out:
 Then I pulled out the cursed stencils:

Then I had these:
I also pulled out a couple of things I'd bought at Hobby Lobby in the past that had less than perfect coloring:
 Some of the frames were an awkward size that would've required ordering poster sized prints from Walgreens. I'm cheap so I stuck with 8x10's and painted the back of my frames to make a kind of mat:
 I made this look way happier by using the leftover paint from my patio furniture. The exact shade can be found here.
 This is what I ended up with:
 I'm happy to report there's not a single picture of a tree!
 And the whole thing isn't black and white for once!

 Notice the bee? I was too excited about my new logo to not make him part of my house! I wish the photo machine at Walgreens wouldn't have cut off his head and his stinger, but he's still pretty adorable!

I was able to give my basement a happy little makeover for $35($16.53 for all paper, paint, and photo mats)!

Have any of you done a makeover for cheap that you want to brag about? If so, please share! 

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