Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Not So Great Outdoors

I feel like the interior of my house is virtually done for now...Therefore I need a new project!

The exterior!

If you're in to hand-drawn sketches you'll love this post! Otherwise, sorry!

This is what I'm currently working with (which is not to scale at all!)
Here's a close up of each of the exits of my house.
This is what I call the red deck off of my screened porch:

Here is my back deck off of my kitchen:

Here is the concrete slab off of my basement door:
Here's some other exterior shots:

See this red metal X over the red deck? It's strange and useless...

And there's a strange space between the porch and the red X:
Here is my drawing with my summer plans. Every summer plan is in yellow... I have a lot!
On the concrete slab I want to add some plants to the space between the concrete and the fence. It's just mud and weeds. I also want to add a few planters. This area gets great light!

I might want to add stepping stones from the kitchen deck to the red deck. I'm not sure if that'll make the whole yard seem smaller though. That's why it's a ?:
I have several plans for the kitchen deck. I have hostas planted already. I plan on planting some other flowers and adding mulch. I also want to add white lattice around the bottom of the deck:
I want to attach a gutter garden to the lattice: 
I have the biggest plans for the red deck:
I want to get rid of the red X and paint the frame white and "build" with the help of my pops a pergola like this:
I also want to add a planter box the same length as the porch next to the red deck:
I also want to buy this 4 piece patio set from Ikea for $99. You can't beat that deal so I plan on painting it white and yellow:
I also want to buy the silver hanging boxes to hang from the fence:
I want to buy 4 of these silver guys from Ikea to hang from the pergola:
I'm also toying with messing with the front of my house. Here it is right now:
Here is a border I'm thinking about adding:
Or like the pretty tulip border on Father of the Bride:
What do you think? I think it'll keep me busy this summer!

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