Thursday, May 3, 2012

You and I Have Come a Long Long Way!

The you and I are of course my living room and me! After getting a nice raise with my new job I decided to reward myself with something I'd been lusting after for over a year... A new light fixture (which was a sickening $300 after shipping)! I'd tried looking for something cheaper in an ugly shiny gold or something that I could spray paint, I'd looked at thrift stores only to be rewarded with the smell of burning hair, I'd looked everywhere. It was time to cough up the money. 

This was the day I met my living room:
And while messy, here it is today!

I think it complements my dining room fixture nicely and ties in the black I have all over the place:
After buying a black friday TV, Ikea coffee table and entertainment unit, painting my own rug and stairs, cutting up table cloths to make my drapes, and covering the same pillows I've had for years I have to say that it was worth every penny to splurge on something I love! 

Next on the agenda is buying my sectional I've been admiring for 2 years now and an accent chair. Then the end table, lamp, and leather chair will will move to the basement. Here's to hoping for lots of bonus's at the new top secret retailer! 

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