Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can I Do This?!

On my goodness it's been a long couple of weeks! I'm sure you figured this out because I haven't posted anything! I've been working ridiculous hours at the new top secret retailer while I wrap up my training. I knew this would happen. But still, the lack of sleep and the sheer energy it requires to run, walk, climb ladders, and lift heavy boxes (all while using your brain) is a lot! Every day that I've woken up before 4 am I tell myself "you want to have babies. Babies wake up so many times during the night. This is good practice. Moms everywhere are awake right now." 

That pep talk sucks. a) What if I don't have babies? b) Anything before sunrise is early c) If I'm this big of a baby now, how will I been when I'm not the baby and I have one?!

This is where you can find me most nights. Near sleeping, checking emails, and resting my feet.  
My body is readjusting to retail in more ways than sleep deprivation. I forgot what it was like to get cut up, bruised, and break nails constantly. Now I remember and keep finding wounds in crazy places!

But seriously... I could do anything with sleep. I can do nothing without it (also, sleep cycle and smart alarm are super cool apps)!

We all have a very hard time trying to stay awake while getting ready in the morning!
This is usually my view as I throw on makeup and try to remember what day of the week it is
This is the view as I hop on the road to leave work. 
How. Perfect. Sigh... I've always been near the city and driven in to eat and do things but I've never been immersed in it. I've never left my car in the parking lot at work early in the morning and walked for coffee, walked back to work, walked to lunch and to shop, had someone show up on foot to pick me up to hang out after, walked to dinner and eaten outside, and walked back. Walk walk walk. I love it! 
Even at 4 am it's gorgeous. If you've ever flown into Chicago at night you know. At 4:00 the roads are pretty much your own and you can cruise by and be in love with the city and its lights...
 I have so much more than that to be grateful for too. I looked down at Starbucks the other morning and realized I was wearing Tom's ballet flats, jeans, and a cool sweatshirt with thumb holes. At work. In the city. I have a job. I make enough money for a house. And a car. And to feed me. And my dog. And my cat. And buy cool ceiling fixtures and gifts for people I love and coffee at Starbucks. I was texting my amazing friends and family who I love and love me. I am so very blessed. Bruised and sleep deprived but me and my thumb hole sweatshirt are soooo blessed. And, I really admire moms. Moms of all ages, but especially the ones with the tiny little babies that hate sleep as much as I love it! That's my sleep deprived ramble. I have to literally run this weekend in a 5k. Once that's all wrapped up I promise design work examples are headed your way!

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