Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Plan for New Furniture

I want new furniture. Have you ever gotten something, and when you put it in your house it just doesn't fit?  Kind of like this?
(I love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation by the way!)

I don't want to plan for a sofa, and then not have it fit. So I make "practice furniture."

These are my living room plans:
Here's what the tape represents:

Both are from Ikea. You'll catch a theme as this goes on. I'm still debating on sofa color. I love the color and texture of the grey that I'm showing, but kind of love the idea of bleachable white! 

My existing black coffee table (my first furniture purchase ever!) will be going to my baby brother's new house. Where will the sofa and leather chair go you ask? Let me show you my never-before-seen basement and my vision for it:
The ? is the black coffee table. Seeing how tight it would be down there is what drove the decision to give it to my brother. The big square is the sofa, the little one next to it is my end table from my living room, I need a lamp for the lamp shade, and the two angled squares are my leather chair and ottoman.
It's a really long, narrow room. I wanted to find a way for the sofa (that has a bed in it) to be able to open up, and for as many seats as possible to face the TV.
This is my only Ikea purchase for this room. It's hard to visualize with the tape, so here it is:
I plan on putting board games and stuff in the cubbies. 

But... That's not all! My dining room. You've seen my visions for it in my inspired post. It's been revised a little bit. And, it shows that my vision is possible because everything I want fits!

So, where will my existing table and chairs go you ask? To my middle brother! He's looking for a house too! Here's my Ikea selections:

Yes, it might appear that I totally wasted a ton of painter's tape. I did. But it kind of makes me feel like I got all of that new furniture! I walked around in a different path than normal in each room visualizing what it would be like when my brand new furniture was here... And it was fun :-)

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