Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Many Drawer Pictures Can You Handle?

Yes, I've been silent! Despite that, you've been here. Every week I surpass the previous week's viewer stats, and while I'm not sure what's so interesting about my little old blog, I'm SO very glad you're here! I hope I don't chase you away with this post. It's about 5000 pictures of my drawers and several of my underwear (no joke)!

I've made some real progress in my drawer organization, and spent lots finding even more drawers to keep my junk!

I started by buying lots of drawer organizers!
Bring on the before and afters!

Remember my crazy medicine drawer?
Way better! I still look like a sinus medication addict... but at least it's organized now!

Remember my random girl stuff drawer?
Much prettier and still just as girly
I did eliminate shades of nail polish I probably wouldn't wear in the next 6 months. The rejects went to live in the basement linen closet
Remember my ever-shifting silver wear drawer? I would love to buy all new everything but there wasn't anything wrong with the divider, so it stayed:
I just added a clear guy to the back. Now my smoothie straws live back there!
Remember this mess of long silver wear?
So much more organized! Unfortunately, I also had to pull a lot out of the drawer.

I was left with all of this:

After a little cleaning my coupon drawer was gutted:
And my baking and food storage drawer was created:
Remember my mess of a tool drawer?
After I pulled out the baskets all of this random floating stuff was still remaining. Not good:
I yanked it all out and started from scratch:

Some things I can't live without having easily accessible are command adhesive anything:
"Sewing stuff." I don't sew much but I do fix missing buttons and use hem tape a lot!
And batteries of course!
I created a little office spot
And, of course, a spot for the tools. The full sized hammer and crow bar went to live with the rest of my tools in the basement. Everything else made it back in the drawer looking much better!
I also have this issue with leaving mail all over the place and dumping my keys with it. I picked this guy up. It's magnetic. The keys stick right to the front. I can also tuck mail I haven't had a chance to open, or outgoing stuff, in here. It keeps me from making hoarder-type paper piles everywhere!
This is my in-progress closet. I was going to wait for the big "after" but I just don't want to. I picked up 3 drawer units to maximize my closet. I was going to do some kind of closet system, but with the low sloping ceiling I'm not going to get much more than single hanging space no matter what. I did want to incorporate drawers into my closet though. I thought about adding shoe storage, but my front hall-ish closet holds my shoes, so that wasn't necessary. I'm in the midst of figuring out what goes in what drawer at this moment:
The ones on the right are higher:
For the high set of drawers I really wanted to try to get all of my workout gear together. I have sports bras in one dresser drawer, work out shirts mixed with regular shirts in two others, and work out pants in another closet. It wasn't efficient. 

Now I have a wire drawer for my sports bras and accessories (heart rate monitor, headbands, etc):
This is the other closet I speak of. The one at the top of the stairs. I put a bookshelf in it:
And lots of "folded" clothes. Mainly pants and hoodies. My hamper lives here too. 
It's embarrassing. And a mess:
So I got my sports bras in a drawer, my tanks, tees, and pants in others. Much better :)
Now I'm starting on the other stuff I want out of my dresser. Mainly socks, underwear, and maybe PJ's.
This is how far I've gotten so far:
I have an addiction considering this is about 1/3 of what I'm working with...

So, that's where I've been when I haven't been working and living life. Finding homes for my things! Here is my divine plan sketched out to make sure it makes sense (if you care. I think this topic is a little boring but super helpful if you have a mess on your hands and don't know where to start)!

After doing these sketches it made me realize the landing place for a lot of my items wasn't the most logical, or efficient! Stay tuned for possibly one more drawer post! 

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