Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Promise: This Is the Last Drawer Post!

I still do have to do my pantry, but I promise that this is the last drawer post for a looooong time! Last time we spoke I showed you the mess of a closet I have:
I also showed you my plan for that and my dresser and drawers:
 I got the remaining supplies needed for my project. Linus inspected and approved them:
I picked up sliders for my kitchen cabinets. They were super easy to install but set off a chain of chaos. At one point I had most of the kitchen cabinets gutted and stuff all over. 
But, it was worth it. This will make staying organized sooo much easier!
I now have all of my baking/cookie sheets in one spot. Remember this mess?
So much better and less chaotic! I hammered out the little shelf in the back of the cabinet. It was getting in my way!
Remember my crazy baking mess and rogue cooler? 
It's so much better now! 
I had this useless cabinet:
My glass cabinet was completely packed though:
I pack my lunch for work a lot. I created a "to go" area of the kitchen:

The drawer holds reusable sandwich bags, paper bags, and plastic silver wear:
The cabinet underneath went from this:
 to a cabinet that now holds the rogue cooler, paper plates and bowls, plastic cups, and lunch bags:
I turned the useless cabinet into my travel drink cabinet:
I also did something about all of these spices:
 Not enough though...
I will be buying a second spice drawer insert to go next to this one:
So that's the kitchen...

On to the bedroom!
I bought accessory baskets for the side of the drawer units.
This now holds the extra hangers I have and replaces this:
The second one holds the other stuff in that bin like wrinkle spray:
I decided to keep two drawers on top of the units so that I could fit more inside. I bought inserts for them:
So now I have the most organized socks ever! I'm such a nerd... I love this:
They fit perfectly under the clothes and on the drawers:
I added the remaining drawers and pretty much cleared out my dresser into my closet!
Here is the right side before:
now that it's finally done:
And just to remind you of the left side before:
Here it is after:
Once the dresser was emptied I moved things from the stairs closet to it. Finally the book shelf was emptied and moved out. It's currently in the basement in hopes that someone will adopt it ASAP:
The reason I really wanted the shelf gone its that I have attic access behind it. I also do in my room and the office. The problem is the cat occasionally sneaks in if I leave an attic door open. This is where I hear him crying to be rescued. Also, when it's hot or cold outside the air seeps in through the doors if they're not closed all the way. It's currently very HOT and when I moved the bookshelf I found the door like this:
The closet is dingy and needs some paint. I'm thinking I might paint both closets something bright and the rods white. Stay tuned!

For the time being I hung up all of my jeans and casual pants. Wire hanger elimination is also high on my "to do" list. Ugh. 
My hamper also came back to live in there. My closets and my drawers are officially done!!! Thanks for hanging in there!

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